Instructions on how to authorize a website in Google AdSense

Instructions on how to authorize a site in Google AdSense.


Google becoming more and more intelligent enough to distinguish what is a valid click and what is a “hacker” click. Therefore, you hardly need to worry about your account getting banned because someone deliberately spammed clicks. The number of clicks is still counted as usual, but they will not be charged. But that doesn’t mean the account AdSense Yours is safe. Because other people can completely get the promo code AdSense yours, inserting them onto sites that violate our policies Google and then get you banned.

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Site authorization in Google AdSense In other words, declare the websites that are allowed to display ads from the account AdSense yours is valid. Other sites can also get the promo code AdSense your ads to be inserted, the ads will still show, but they will not be charged. This is one of the effective methods to protect your account AdSense from getting banned for placing ads on sites that violate our policies Google.

In this article, I will show you in detail how to authorize websites in Google AdSense. If you have not yet applied this important setting, please do so quickly to better protect your account.

Steps for Site Authorization in Google AdSense

1. First, access the management page of Google AdSense, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select the item “Setting“.


2. On the left sidebar of the interface, select the item Access and Authorization => Website Authorization.


3. Tick the “Only allow certain websites to show ads in my account” then fill in the list of websites that are allowed to show your ads in the box below.

Once done, click on the “Save” to confirm the settings. Accomplished. Simple as that. Just a few simple steps but will help your account AdSense Yours is much safer.

You have authorized your website in Google AdSense not yet? Do share with us your thoughts on the matter using the comment box below.

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