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Instructions for doing matching heading exercises

Today’s sharing will show you how to do some examples in the form of Matching headings.

You Review:

Let’s study the following example. Here are two passages from the article “Trees in Trouble – What is causing the decline of the World’s giant forests?’

Paragraph 1- Big trees are incredibly important ecologically. For a start, they sustain countless other species. They provide shelter for many animals, and their trunks and branches can become gardens, hung with green ferns, orchids and bromeliads, coated with mosses and draped with vines. With their tall canopies basking in the sun, they capture vast amounts of energy. This allows them to sustain much of the animal life in the forest.

Paragraph 2- Only a small number of tree species have the genetic capacity to grow really big. The mightiest are native to Northern America, but big trees grow all over the globe, from the tropics to the boreal forests of the high latitudes. To achieve giant stature, a tree needs three things: the right place to establish its seedling, good growing conditions and lots of time with low adult mortality. Disrupt any of these, and you can lose your biggest trees.

Match the two paragraphs with two of the following three headings:

  1. How wildlife benefits from big stress
  2. Factors that enable trees to grow to significant heights
  3. How other plants can cause harm

Instructions for homework:

If you read the above two passages, you will see that there are many difficult words like ‘bromeliads’, ‘basking’ and ‘stature’. However, you don’t need to worry about them because what you should do is: read the first and last sentences of the passage to find the main idea.

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Paragraph 1: Right in the first sentence we see the sentence that affirms the importance of trees “Big trees are incredibly ecologically important.” And the phrases that show the importance of trees to other living things “they sustain…” “They provide shelter…” and the answer is “How wildlife benefits from big trees”

Paragraph 2: We see the phrases highlighted in bold yellow: A tree needs three things: the right place to establish its seedling, good growing conditions…–> enumerative statement. The answer is “Factors that enable tree to grow to significant heights”

Hope this little sharing will help you to be confident in this exam. Let’s practice some exercises like this with IELTS-fighter! and after carefully practicing the knowledge of the exercise format matching heading you learn the following new lesson:

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