Improve vocabulary IELTS band 7.0+ topic Education

Hello everyone, you probably know that Education is a topic that often appears in the IELTS test as well as a topic used a lot in daily life. So in today’s vocabulary supplement article, IELTS Fighter will share with you advanced vocabulary for this topic. Are you ready for the lesson yet?

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#first. School, certificate

Kindergarten: preschool

Primary school – pre-school education = Primary school

Secondary school: Middle School

College = further education : College

Higher education = university education

Post-graduate school: graduate school

BA/BSs = Bachelor of Arts Degree/Bachelor of Science Degree

MA/MSc = Masters of Arts/Masters of Science

PhD = Doctorate

Vocational course: a course that teaches skills for a specific occupation (vocational course)

Non-vocational course: general course, not related to career guidance

Distance learning course: distance learning course

Comprehensive education: comprehensive education

#2. Important collocations

Lab work = laboratory experiments = laboratory experiments

Dissection: the dissection of animals for scientific research

Scheduled lesson: class schedule

Algebra: algebra

To give out or assign homework

To do or complete homework: complete homework

To complete/graduate high school: to graduate from high school

To do/participate/take part in school activities/sport: participate in school activities/sports

Tracing: copy, sketch with pencil

Tone deaf = without an ear for music: inability to enjoy music

#3. Vocabulary used in university

Graducated from: graduated from

To enroll on a degree course: register for a course

To major in physics: choose physics as the main subject in university

To attend a lecture: to attend a lecture

To attend a tutorial: take a class with the professor in small groups at Van Vong

To deliver lecture: lecture

To lecture in something: to lecture about something

Factory of something: specialized in what

To do note-taking: take notes, take notes

Keeping up with the work load: keep up with the required workload or workload

To fall behind with study = fail to keep pace with the school/university work: not keeping up with schoolwork

Pay off a student loan: pay off a student loan

Play truant/truancy: truant

Comprehensive education: comprehensive education

The literacy rate: literacy rate

Literate (a): literate

Illiterate (a): illiterate

A gap year: only one year off when transferring between high school and university

Hopefully, the above sharing will help you improve your IELTS vocabulary in the most effective way. Good luck with your studies and don’t forget to refer to more lessons on the website:

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