Important points to keep in mind when applying for AdSense

Important points to keep in mind when signing up for AdSense.


If you are intending to build a blog, website to make money from AdSense Or are you simply preparing to submit your application? Google AdSense Here are some important points that you need to keep in mind. Performing these tips well can help increase your chances of successful account registration Google AdSense yours up to 90%. Account review AdSense is done completely by hand, without using any other algorithms or machines, so the use of optimal tools to bypass the eyes Google is not feasible.

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Important points to note for successful AdSense registration

1. Domain

Your blog/website needs to have a top-level domain (domain name) in the form of .com, .net, .org,… Google never accept sites that use free domains or sub-domains (subdomains) like,,, .tk… So please pay a premium a small amount of a few hundred thousand dong to own a high-level domain, meeting the standards.

However, you can also successfully register an account AdSense with sub-domain if you are using Blogger nice Weebly.

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2. Post useful and frequent content

Google very focused on user experience, so they pay special attention to the quality of content. Your blog/website must have rich content and provide useful information to visitors. If you are going to register AdSense with niche site I think it’s going to be quite difficult. Because niche sites usually only write about a certain topic, a certain area => less rich content => 90% of your site will be rejected.

Another thing is that the content on your site needs to be updated regularly, giving users new information. Remember: quality content is always king.

3. Simple and easy to use interface design

Make sure your blog/website interface is designed to be easy for visitors to use and navigate. Menu bars must be placed in a prominent, easily visible position. Blank categories (no posts), blank pages (no content) are absolutely not added to the menu. Otherwise, you will be rejected because of an incomplete interface error.

Do not add flashy, colorful colors to the interface. Design your site in the simplest way. The simpler the site, the easier it is to highlight ads AdSense and thus you will get extra points from the reviewer.

Presently eBooksvn is providing optimal blog/website design service for registration AdSense, You can consult here.

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Remember to add a simple search box to the site and don’t forget to add important pages like Introduce, Contact, Privacy Policy,… Google very interested in them.

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4. Insert more social sharing buttons

At the end or beginning of each article, you should add social sharing buttons to make it easy for everyone to share your blog/website article on social networks.

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5. Remove ads of other ad networks

In spite of Google allows you to use ad networks other than AdSense, but it will give a bad impression to the review team if your site is full of ads from other networks. They will think that there are no good places to show ads AdSense more => You will be disqualified. So, don’t forget to remove all the ads of other networks before submitting your application AdSense.

Note: You can keep affiliate ads because they are not the same type of ads AdSense. However, limit the amount as little as possible.

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6. Install Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Analytics and Webmaster Tools are two great tools of Google. Google Analytics provides detailed statistics about your website. Webmaster Tools provide detailed reports on your website’s visibility on Google. They help Google learn more about your site, thereby increasing the likelihood of registration AdSense thsuccess.

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7. Don’t Post Copyright Infringing or Prohibited Content

Absolutely do not post, share copyrighted content such as MP3 music, video clips, ebooks, movies, images … or software download links from illegal websites, keygen, hack, crack, … Google As an American company, they pay special attention to copyright issues. Don’t joke with them.

In addition, you should not post content that is AdSense prohibited such as alcohol, drugs, stimulants or sex-related problems.

8. Don’t Use “Black” SEO Methods

Google AdSense do not rely on traffic to review accounts so you don’t need to use methods SEO “black” such as spam backlinks, using automatic news retrieval tools, increasing automatic views, “spinning” the article content… Please optimize the site in a “natural” and legal way, don’t let it be fall into your sandbox or blacklist Google. Otherwise, you will lose everything.

Here are some points to keep in mind when registering AdSense for a success rate of 90%. If you know any other useful tricks, don’t forget to share them with us using the comment box below.

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