IELTS Writing Task 1 vocabulary

Map vocabulary in IELTS Writing Task 1 will need basic vocabulary, besides each field has more specific vocabulary. Find out below.

Writing Task 1 vocabulary about Map

1. Describe the overall change

Time phrases:

– over the 20 year period….

– from 1990 to 2000….

– over the years…

– in the last 10 years…

– in the years after 1990…

Sample sentences in general:

Over the period, the area dramatic changes.

– From 1995 to 2005, the city center saw spectacular developments.

– The village changed considerably over the time period.

– During the 10 year period, the industrial area was totally transformed.

– Over the past 20 years, the residential area was totally reconstructed.

– Over the time period, the old docks were totally redeveloped.

– Between 1995 and 2005, the old houses were rebuilt.

– The central business district was completely modernised during the time period

2. Describe the specific change

ExpandingRemovingAdditionsChange into something
Made bigger
Knocked down
Pulled down
Torn down
Cleared (tree, forest)
Cut down (tree, forest)
Chopped downwn (tree, forest)
Planted (tree, forest)
Opened up (facilities)
Set up (facilities)
Made into

3. Location Description

To indicate DIRECTION, we use the following phrases

– to the north of

– to the east of

– in the west

– to the south of

– to the north west of

– to the north east

– to the south east of

– to the south west of

In addition, we also need to use a preposition to describe location: on, next to, near, from north to south, from east to west, by, across from, nearby, between, beside, over, along…

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For more information, please refer to Instructions for writing Map articles in Writing Task 1 Please.

Vocabulary Map Vocabulary

The field of construction is definitely an indispensable vocabulary topic in the Map form of Writing task 1. Here are a few essential vocabulary words that students need to memorize and use correctly and appropriately. context.

Vocabulary IELTS Writing Task 1 - Map Format - 1

Build [v] and Construct [v] are two basic verbs with the meaning “to build”. These 2 verbs can be used with almost any type of construction, from houses, bridges, roads, etc.


– In the future, a new bridge and many more roads will be built.

– Some shops will be constructed.

– A new roundabout will be built in the south of the map.

– A medical center will be constructed.

Erect [v] and Put up [v] are 2 verbs that mean “to build, to erect”. In which Erect [v] is a more formal expression than Put up. However, with the typical meaning of “to erect”, these two words can only be used with buildings that stand up to the ground such as houses, bridges, traffic light poles, especially with ROAD (road) ) or Roundabout are buildings that CANNOT USE these 2 words.


– In the future, many more roads will be erected. (Incorrect! , roads don’t stand up from the ground)

– A medical center will be erected. (Correct!)

– A new roundabout will be put up in the south of the map. (Incorrect! , roundabout doesn’t stand up from the ground)

– Some shops will be put up. (Correct!)

– Many signposts and traffic lights will be put up. (Correct!)

Thus, we have distinguished 4 different words that all mean construction, but between them there are special notes about the context of use, hope you can remember and apply correctly. .

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Vocabulary for change:

Vocabulary IELTS Writing Task 1 - Map Format - 2

Vocabulary IELTS Writing Task 1 - Map Format - 3

replace [v] / give [v] way to:

These are two common/multi-use expressions, which can be applied to almost any case where a new thing appears to replace the old thing / the old thing gives way to a new thing.


– 2 roundabouts replaced the T-junction and the crossroads.

– The T-junction and the crossroads were replaced by 2 roundabouts.

– The T-junction and the crossroads gave way to 2 roundabouts.
be chopped / cleared / destroyed / demolished / knocked down / flattened / razed / removed to make way for Sth:

These are words that emphasize old things that must be demolished (buildings demolished, trees/forests cut down, leveled, etc.)


All the bus stops were removed / knocked down / destroyed to make way for a new bus station which was located to the west of hospital road.

be turned into / converted into Sth: Contrary to the above phrases, these are expressions that emphasize old things that are almost not destroyed or affected. This is often the case when talking about rooms in a building.


– The bed room has been turned into / converted into an office. (Still a room, formerly a bedroom and now an office. They never demolished and rebuilt)

be installed [v] / be introduced [v]: dc installed / dc put into use.

These are words that talk about facilities and equipment in a building or room (elevator, escalator, TV, etc.)


– A new refridgerator has been installed.

– Some new furniture including a bookshelf, a tea table, and a TV have been introduced.

Above are some good vocabulary for Map, please save them.

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