IELTS Writing Task 1 – Bridges diagram, solving the Bridge problem

Today’s lesson will be a strange and difficult exam that many students, especially new learners, will find very difficult to analyze. Let’s equip IELTS Fighter with knowledge and take the test.


The Pictures below shows three different kinds of bridges.
Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

ielts writing task 1 Bridges diagram

Let’s analyze with Mr James through the following video, to practice well, you should watch the video carefully because there is important knowledge, the teacher will explain it carefully in the video:

Bridges diagram – Sample

The provided images compare 3 types of bridges.

First of all, the arch bridge, as the name suggests, has a curved shape. The total length of an arch bridge usually cannot exceed 200 metersand the Cao is 100 meters at maximum. It is mostly constructed on lakes, so only small size boats can travel below.

Next, the concrete girder bridge consists of a straight road placed on many piers that are constructed on the riverbed to support the bridge. It can be extended without limit based on the number of piers which can be upload 300 meters high and 200 meters apart. Therefore, ships at medium size can travel under the bridge.

Finally, the suspension bridge can be built across a sea channel. It can’t be between 400 and 2000 meters long, and the depth underneath is unlimited. It is supported by 2 towering Piers and a system of suspension cables. This kind of bridge allows the navigation of massive ships.

Generally, the 3 types of bridges are completely different in terms of length, depth, location, and waterway transport underneath them. (183)

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– navigation = waterway transport [n]: waterway

– suspension cable [n]: bearing cable

– towering [adj]: very tall, like a tower

– construct = build [v]: build

– underneath = below = under (sth) [adv / prep]: under …

– channel [n]: 1 strait

girder [n]: bearing beam

support [v]: to be under and bear the weight of sth – to lie under and bear the weight of something

Enter metrics:

– Number + adj: The bridge is 200 meters long.

– Number + in + N: The bridge is 200 meters in length.

– N + be + number: The length of the bridge is 200 meters.


– No more than + number > < No less than

The Piers are no more than 300 meters tall.

The Piers are no less than 100 meters tall.

– N + cannot exceed/ must exceed + number:

The total length of an arch bridge usually cannot exceed 200 meters.

The total length of an arch bridge must exceed 20 meters.

be between value small best and value great best

It can’t be between 400 and 2000 meters long.

– be + number + at maximum/ at minimum:

The Cao is 100 meters at maximum

– be upload / at least + number:

The Piers Can Be upload 300 meters high.

The Piers Must Be at least 100 meters high.

Hopefully with the lesson, the analysis and the writing formula above will help you write better articles, score high. The sample essay should refer to the direction only, it is important that you clearly understand the topic so that you can write your own impressive writing.

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