IELTS Reading topic Health

Health is a familiar topic in IELTS Reading with highly specialized and academic vocabulary. But to start doing the test, you should step by step accumulate vocabulary, practice more, it will not be difficult to encounter passages on this topic anymore.

Language Development


Use the dictionary and look up the words below, translate into Vietnamese for longer memory:




1. aging (n)


2. blood pressure (n)

/ˈblʌd preʃər/

3. calories (n)


4. cancer (n)


5. cure (VN)


6. diabetes (n)


7. diet (n)


8. disorder (n)


9. drugs (n)


10. lifespan (n)


11. longitude (n)


12. mortal (adj, n)


13. pill (n)


14. prolong (v)


15. regimen (n)


16. treatment (n)


17. vigor (n)


18. Physician (n)


19. Blood pressure (n)

/blʌd/ /ˈpreʃ.ər/

20. Relieve (v)


21. Paramedic (n)


22. Vital (adj)


23. Therapy (n)


24. Surgery (n)


Do some more exercises to improve vocabulary

Exercise 1. Complete the sentences with the words from the table.

1. Do not discontinue the ……………………without consulting your doctor.

2. His ……………………was remarkable considering he had been so sick when he was a child.

3. A balanced ……………………provides nutrition for your body.

4. If you want to retain youthful ……………………,you have to take regular exercise.

5. A man is deliberately designed to be …………………… . He grows, he ages, and he dies.












Exercise 2:

Choose the correct synonym of the word.

1. Physician

A. Nurse

B. Doctor

C. Surgeon

D. Physicist

2. Surgery

A. Disease

B. Injury

C. Hospital

D. Operation

Exercise 2:

Choose the correct antonym of the word.

1. Vital

A. Essential

B. Crucial

C. Unimportant

D. Indispensable

2. Relieve

A. Agravate

B. Soothe

C. Mitigate

D. Reduce

Exercise 3. Match the following words with their correct definitions.



1. lifespan

A. a condition or illness that causes problems with the way part of the body or brain works

2. prolong

B. the process of growing old

3. disorder

C. to make something last longer

4. aging

EASY. a unit for measuring how much energy food will produce

5. calories

E. the length of time that something is likely to live, continue or function


Read the following passage and choose the answers to the questions below:

ielts reading topic health

ielts reading topic health

ielts reading topic health

ielts reading topic health 4


27. E
28. EASY
29. A
31. OLD
32. E

Questions 33-37

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the Reading Passage?

In boxes 33-40 on your answer sheet, write

YES if the statement agrees with the writer

NO if the statement does not agree with the writer

NOT GIVEN if the information is not given in the passage

33. Candy stripers working in hospitals are all paid. NO

34. Elderly people work more hours as candy stripers than students do. NOT GIVEN

35. You don’t need to be certified to be a physical therapist if you have a master’s degree. NO

36. An EMT needs more training to be a paramedic. YES

37. Paramedics often wait in the hospitals until EMTs take the patients back from emergency sites. NO

Please do more exercises below.

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