How To Make Money With Google Adsense

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If the answer is yes, this article is exactly what you are looking for.

Appeared since 2003, Google Adsense helped website owners make money by cooperating (indirectly) with businesses with advertising needs.

Of course, things are gradually getting more difficult, especially in Vietnam. The main reason is because too many administrators cheat the number of clicks (or Website traffic). You need a few tips to make sure you get this income.

Let’s start with the most basic steps to make money on Google.

Make sure you have the background knowledge What is Google Adsense? before using this form to make money effectively.

how to make money with google adsense
Summary of effective instructions for making money from Google Adsense


To make money from Google, you need to have “capital”, a passport and follow the 6 steps in order to make money from Google Adsense below.

1.1 Build a Website with traffic

This is the first “capital” you have to invest to join Google’s Adsense network. It is the most important condition.

If the Website already has traffic, you can use it to register immediately after studying the article.

In the case of a newly built Website, it is best to wait for the average traffic to reach about 20 thousand traffic / month before signing up for Adsense.

But if you are in the research stage and don’t have a Website yet, I will show you some important tips for building a Website right below.

1.2 Create a Google Adsense account

Adsense account is like an “application” for Google to consider whether your Website meets their standards or not.

The key is still the quality of the Website, but many of you have difficulty in creating a Google Adsense account.

1.3 Wait for confirmation from Google

After registering the Website, you have to wait about 3 days for Google to consider.

If the Website qualifies, they will send a confirmation email, right after that you can insert the code and get everything done.

1.4 How to place Google Adsense ads

Once confirmed by Google, the Ads button in your Adsense account will become available.

You will click that to create an Ad Unit. You have the right to choose which ad formats will be displayed on your Web site, along with a number of factors such as colors, different ad display positions, etc.

After creating the Unit, Google will give you a piece of code, you must insert the code into the Web page. If done correctly, the Web page will appear empty space to display banner ads.

Detailed steps are also guided in the article how to create an Adsense account above. If you don’t know how, it will be really helpful.

1.5 Get Adsense payment Pin code and choose payment method

Until the account earns the first $ 10, Google will send a letter with a confirmation Pin to your home address.

After receiving the pin code, you just need to enter the Pin code into your Adsense account.

After entering the Pin code, Google will ask you to choose a payment method. You have the right to receive money through your bank account OR Western Union.

1.6 How to receive money from Google Adsense

Until the account has accumulated enough $ 100, you can send a payment request, then go to the bank to receive money. Many of you will find it difficult and do not know how to set up payment to receive money from Adsense, right? Rest assured, Super Speed ​​Ads also has a detailed and simple tutorial for you.


This is a special section for those of you or businesses who are just starting to build Web sites, or want to build more Web sites with the orientation from scratch to make money with Google Adsense.

2.1 Five types of Websites suitable for making money through Google Adsense

First, you need to orient from the beginning, the main goal of the Website is NOT SALES but TRAFFIC ATTRACTION.

Therefore, we should focus on 5 main types of Web pages:

A. Website reviews

Top rated sites such as attract huge amounts of traffic every day.

If you know many places to eat in Ho Chi Minh City or are very discerning about fashion, cosmetics… I recommend you to invest in a product review website.

B. Website tutorial

Some famous web sites specializing in tutorials such as wikihow, or…

You can try to build a website of your cooking teaching, or handmade decorations for example…

WikiHow is a website that makes money from Google ads

WikiHow is a website that makes money from Google ads

B. Website provides knowledge

Website providing knowledge is not really popular in Vietnam.

Basically, it is a page that explains all the technical terms and concepts.

For example, is a website dedicated to explaining concepts related to the economic industry.

C. Website to download documents

Websites that allow free (or paid) document downloads are also a potential form of website to make money from Adsense.

However, the maintenance fees for these types of websites are also high and require frequent updates, so you should consider it.

D. Press website

GenK, kenh14, Vnexpress, Dan Tri… are the biggest partners in Google’s Adsense network.

However, to build these news sites has to spend a lot of money, especially having to update news every day. So this type should only be used for businesses, and for individuals, I do not recommend building press sites.

GenK's website for displaying banners to make money Google Adsense

GenK’s website for displaying banner ads can make money with Google Adsense

2.2 Optimize SEO structure for Website

If you want to increase traffic, your website must be visible on search engines as much as possible.

SEO is the perfect tool to fulfill this requirement. If you notice, most business websites from 50,000 traffic/month have very high coverage on Google.

So, if you have finished building the Website, plan to implement SEO right away.

2.3 Building the Social system

The social system is not only useful for SEO, but also brings a huge amount of traffic to the Website.

The biggest social channels today include Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, etc.

2.4 Monitor and measure to maintain current traffic

After the ad is displayed on the website, you need to continuously monitor it.

If you leave everything alone, there will be ads that are irrelevant, or possibly annoying.

Ensuring user experience remains a top priority.

If you notice a decrease in time on page, or an increase in bounce rate, you should re-examine whether your ad content is really relevant to user queries.

You have the right to ask Google to remove inappropriate ads to ensure your Website experience.

If you want to understand better, follow the instructions on the official Google website.

When making money Google Adsense need to monitor the bounce rate

When making money from Google ads need to monitor bounce rate


In some cases (very rare), you cannot update the money in your Adsense account, or the money you earn on Youtube increases, but the Adsense account remains the same number.

First, find out the cause of the problem. You most likely fall into one of the following situations:

3.1 You have not verified your address

As mentioned, until the accumulated account reaches 10$, Google will send a confirmation PIN.

If you have not entered your PIN into your Adsense account within 4 months, Google will stop updating the money and temporarily stop displaying ads.

Refer: service Google ads of Super Speed ​​Ads.

3.2 Accounts showing signs of policy violations are under review

If your Website has abnormal traffic, or there are signs of traffic fraud, Google will temporarily stop updating money to investigate.

If they confirm the account is policy compliant, they will automatically update the funds.

3.3 You have not verified the personal information requested by Google

In some cases, Google will ask you to confirm your personal information by taking a photo of your ID or driving license.

If you do not verify as required, your account will be suspended from updating funds.

Please check in Checkout -> Settings

Adsense account can't update money

Adsense account can’t update money

In most cases, you should contact Google support to help you pinpoint the exact cause.

Unless the account is being reviewed for policy, we have no other way to help you through but have to wait until they complete the investigation and manually reactivate the money for the account.


Thus, I have just guided you through the steps to make money through Google Adsense. Website is always the most important factor, so build it carefully before signing up for an Adsense account. Good luck!



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