How to give first aid when bitten by an animal

Insects or animals in general very rarely attack humans except when provoked or attacked.
Animal bite wounds carry a very high risk of infection, which can cause tetanus or rabies (dogs and cats).

Things to do
Trying to stop the bleeding
Minimizing the risk of infection
Wound care
How to give first aid
If the wound is bleeding, stop the bleeding immediately by pressing firmly on the wound
Wash the wound with soap and warm water.
Dry the wound, use a bandage, gauze to cover the wound.
Tetanus vaccine (VAT or SAT: anti-tetanus serum)
Get medical attention if the wound is wide enough for suturing or if rabies is suspected

Monitor wound infection:
. So much pain
. A lot of red swelling
. Swollen lymph nodes at the base of the extremities
When the above symptoms are present, the victim should be taken to a medical facility for prompt treatment.
Note: In case of being bitten by a dog or cat, the victim should be vaccinated against rabies and need to monitor the animal for at least 10 days.


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