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Google Team Drive is a storage service based on Google Drive. Team Drive is often used in a group such as students, employees of the same company to share documents with each other. The feature of Team Drive as well as Google Drive Unlimited is unlimited storage, but the difference is that you can share Team Drive to share with team members. Today I will guide you to get Team Drive Unlimited for free from the university of Taiwan.

Previously, I have guided you how to create Team Drive from Edu mail. However, the use of Edu Email but not participating in the study will be blocked at any time. With the instructions below, you will register to join Team Drive, not the Team Drive owner. This way will be more secure for your data, because this is a way to share shared accounts, not create your own Edu mail to register.

This Team Drive is provided by Taiwan National Chung Cheng University. If you are a student of this school, you will be provided with a free Team Drive. However, the students of the school have contributed accounts for common use.

You don’t have to be a student, just have Gmail to be able to use Team Drive. Your data will be shared with all students of the school. In your Google Drive section, there will be an “Shared Drives” section. Just Upload files to the “Shared Drives” folder, you will not be limited to storage.

This way is very suitable for you to backup data, upload large files to Drive. However, do not store sensitive content, if you violate the policy, you may be removed from Team Drive.

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If you want to register for Team Drive quickly, you can follow the instructions below:

You can choose Website to register Team Drive:

Google Drive Unlimited

Some other free teamdrive creation sites:

In the first box enter the name you want to create a Team Drive

The second box enter your Gmail you want to create Team Drive

Check the 2 boxes as below and then scroll down and click Submit.

When the screen shows the message as below, it is successful.

To manage Upload / Download Files in Team Drive, you access Google Drive.

– Select the Shared Drives folder

– Click on the Team Drive Name that you have registered above.

Now you can upload unlimited file size to Google Drive already.

So with just a few simple steps, you can sign up for Team Drive for free. Team Drive creation time only takes about 1 minute. You need to note that Free goods are not always guaranteed, so you should only use them temporarily.

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