How to buy CEEK Token and Star Atlas on MEXC

How to buy CEEK Token and Star Atlas on MEXC

What is CEEK VR (CEEK)?

This is a cryptocurrency working on the Ethereum platform.

Ceek is a virtual reality company best known for its CEEK encoding reality headsets.

Using the Ceek app and headset, you can experience VR for concerts, learning, VR games, documentaries, and more.

The app includes concerts performed by top artists like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, U2, Elton John, The Killer, and many more. Ceek has a partnership with Universal Music Group, allowing users to access live performances from all of these artists.

What is MEXC?

MXC (now renamed MEXC) is a cryptocurrency exchange, founded by a team of leading experts from Wall Street, Blockchain technology experts from Japan and Europe.

MXC Exchange is not only a cryptocurrency trading platform, but MXC also provides Blockchain asset circulation service to make it more secure, smarter, and more convenient.

It provides safer, smarter, and more convenient exchange services, along with selected blockchain assets, safe insurance, dedicated to building a cryptocurrency exchange platform that surpasses competitors.

Currently, MEXC is supporting 6 languages: Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, and Indonesian.

How to buy and sell CEEK Token on MXC

Instructions for registering an account

Step 1: Visit MXC’s homepage at Click the “Register” button in the upper corner.

Fill out the information including:
  • Email.
  • Password.
  • Confirm password.
  • Email verification code: Click “Click to receive” to receive the code to your email account, then copy and enter this box.
  • Invitation code: If referred by anyone. Or you can enter my referral code to receive incentives when trading, my referral code is: 1GXBA
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Click on “I have read and agree…” and select “Register” to complete the account registration step.

After verifying your email, don’t forget to enable the 2FA feature to protect your account, as well as open the withdrawal feature if needed.

On the personal account icon, select “Personal center”:

Select Google Authentication and use the Authy or Google Authenticator software on your phone to scan the QR code.

After scanning, enter the code sent to your email and enter the 2FA code to activate.

Also at the “User Center” screen, activate the Phone Binding feature to further enhance security.

Don’t forget to verify your account KYC in the “Identity Verification” section as well.


Then upload photos of the front and back of the verification document.

After uploading all the photos above, click “Submit” to complete.

Instructions for Making Deposit/Withdrawal on MXC

Depositing/withdrawing on MXC is not difficult, you just need to follow these steps:


B1: Go to “Assets”, click “My Assets” and then select “Deposit”.


B2: Select the cryptocurrency you want to deposit, then click “Create address” to get the wallet address.

B3: Once you have a wallet address, you just need to copy that address and send money there.


You can choose P2P deposit method by clicking on: “Buy Crypto”, then transact with USDT holders to receive USDT into your Fiat wallet. You need to transfer money from your Fiat wallet to your Spot Wallet by clicking “Assets” -> “Asset accounts”. Click transfer assets (note if you log in on a computer you may have difficulty in the conversion step, please download the Mex app from CH Play for easy transactions!

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Withdraw money

Step 1: Go to Assets, select My Assets, select Withdraw, and finally select the coin or token you want to withdraw.

buy CEEK Token

Step 2: Enter the provided wallet address, the amount you want to withdraw, and press “Send”. Finally, you enter the 2FA code and wait for confirmation.

Main orders

• Market order is the simplest trading order. You set the amount of coin/token you want to buy/sell. The order will then be matched immediately with the market price.

• Limit Order allows you to buy/sell at the price you want. After ordering, it will be listed on the pending order frame. The order will be executed if the market price reached

• Stop Limit Order is similar to Limit Order, but it will allow you to optimize the price more.

This is a relatively advanced form of order and is suitable for traders who use technical analysis to trade.

Supporting language

The MXC exchange currently supports 10 different languages. Customers in each region and continent can easily learn and use it.

Visit MXC’s homepage at

How to buy CEEK Token and Star Atlas on MEXC

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