How many loyal readers does your blog have?

[Chia sẻ] How many loyal readers does your blog have?


“Loyal readers” is a phrase often used to refer to people who regularly visit your blog/website to see what’s new, what’s interesting or not? The frequency can be minute, hourly, daily or weekly. As for the whole month, only a few times a month, no one calls it regular anymore, right? “Loyal readers” often go directly to your blog/website through a link they remember or have already “bookmarked” (home page for example). So this is a particularly useful and necessary source of access, in case your blog/website is “abandoned” by search engines and social networks.

Loyal readers also account for most of the “retribution” in bringing in revenue for your blog/website (clicking ads, buying through affiliates links, hiring services provided by you…). Therefore, earning a lot of loyal readers is essential if you want to make money online successfully.

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How to get more loyal readers?

How many loyal readers does your blog/website have? How to build a large and active community of “loyal readers” for your blog/website?

In my opinion, for a blog/website to have many loyal readers, it needs to meet the following factors:

1. Share useful and practical content

Share your own knowledge and experiences with your readers. But:

  • Don’t try to steal or copy what other bloggers/webmasters have shared. Be the leader and make a difference, don’t follow the established paths. If other blogs/websites can also find similar content, will readers still need to come back to your blog?
  • Never share knowledge that you yourself do not understand, do not know and cannot do. Such as sharing the experience of making money with Google AdSense while you can’t register an account yourself AdSense and have to go buy someone else’s account. This can easily cause you to lose trust in your readers and the things you share will no longer carry any weight.

2. Don’t make headlines with views, misleading readers

This is an error that many bloggers/webmasters are facing. For example, the title of the article is “Top 10 something…” but in the content, it only mentions a few things and is even very sketchy. 😛

They think that making headlines will stimulate readers’ curiosity and help them earn a decent amount of views. However, that is just short-sighted thinking. Most readers, after being “tricked” a few times, will never return to your blog/website again. The ability to interact to generate profits will also be severely reduced.

Therefore, the advice is that you should share everything honestly and accurately, not headline the views, mislead readers.

3. User-friendly interface design

The blog/website interface needs to be designed in a neat and scientific manner, easy to manipulate, and easy to navigate. Take the content as the center and try to make it stand out. Don’t let your readers feel uncomfortable when constantly being blinded by ads or bouncing around with pop-ups. Revenue is important, but user experience is even more important.

4. Building a newsletter subscription system

Encouraging readers to subscribe to your blog/website is an effective method to entice them to come back. Every time a new article is published, your readers can receive a notification via email or a newsreader app. If they find it interesting, they will not hesitate to visit your blog/website to read. That means you already have a regular source of traffic (if you work hard to post).

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5. Try to interact as much as possible with your readers

One of the most practical things you can do is try to respond, answering questions contained in comments, feedback from readers. If you intentionally omit or ignore it, readers may feel they are not respected and cared for and never return or comment again.

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Many bloggers often claim to have thousands, tens of thousands of hits per day, but look how many comments each of their posts have. This shows how much interaction between readers and their blog/website.

Have you ever wondered why? WP Basic there are nearly 11,300 comments after less than 2 years of establishment? This is really a “coveted” number of many personal blogs in Vietnam.


Because I always try to answer the questions they are having quickly and in a timely manner. And most of all, we have a large and active community of “loyal readers”. Those who are always willing to share their own experiences and opinions on the issues mentioned in the article. Those who are not afraid of suffering, are not afraid of shame, seek knowledge, are ready to ask questions to be answered. Thank you all for your support!

Above are a few experiences that I have drawn in the process of building and developing the blog WP Basic. Hopefully, they will be useful to you in building a community of “loyal readers” for your blog/website.

How about you? What do you think about this issue? Do you think loyal readers are important? Please share your thoughts and views with everyone using the comment box below.

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