How did I build a WP Basic blog?

How did I build the WP Basic blog and how do I maintain it?


In the previous article, I shared with you about the process of giving up online games to start a career making money online. Hopefully, you have somewhat realized that: working with passion and earning money is much more interesting than burying your head in online games all day to kill time and waste money. If you’re ready to kick bad habits and start making money online seriously, take a few minutes to follow me to see how I built this blog. WP Basic how and how to maintain it.

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Many times change direction

Blog WP Basic was born on February 20, 2014 with the original purpose of sharing articles and documents related to my field of study (Biotechnology). However, I quickly realized that this is not true passion. And if it’s not what I like, it will be difficult to get good results even if I try. I decided to switch to translating and sharing articles related to WordPress tricks, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins from famous foreign blogs.

However, due to the limitation of foreign language ability (previously busy playing, lazy to study), my first translations have quite naive language and are almost similar to Google Translate. In addition to the hasty thought, wanting to quickly increase the number of articles, I decided not to continue translating the article but switched to sharing. WordPress themes and paid plugins. The job was simply to copy the description in English and insert the download link of the products into the article, so in a short time, I had hundreds of articles… poor quality.

As a result of this I had to receive copyright claims (DMCA) from theme, plugin and device providers Google Warning, remove some posts from search results. Immediately, I realized I was on the wrong track and quickly deleted all the poor quality articles, starting from scratch.

Once again I decided to get back to sharing tips WordPress seriously and with careful investment. Part of the article is translated from foreign blogs/websites and rewritten in my style. The rest I came up with and wrote for myself. The idea of ​​writing articles often comes up in the process of working and is noted down, when there is time, it will be implemented into detailed articles.

More than 2 months after the blog officially went live, I have successfully registered Google AdSense. Since then, in addition to sharing tips WordPress, I also diligently research and share experiences related to registering and maintaining an account Google AdSense. Recently, in order to enrich my blog’s content, I have expanded to write articles on areas such as: Make money with affiliate marketing, Shorten the link to make money

If you’ve been following WP Basic From the first day, you will surely know the things that I share above.

Achievements after 2 years of blogging

After nearly 2 years of construction and development, WP Basic certain achievements have been achieved:

  • There are nearly 580 quality articles (reviewed and recognized by readers).
  • Most of the articles, pages, and categories have high rankings on the search results table of Google.
  • There are thousands of visitors every day.
  • Blog becomes a place to exchange, exchange experiences, enthusiastic comments of like-minded people (with more than 10,500 comments up to now).


  • OK Alexa ranked in the top 500 largest blogs/websites in Vietnam (natural rank, absolutely not) SEO or cheat).


  • Become an advertising and communication partner of many domestic and foreign companies.

Although not much (better than many people), but it was really motivation for me to continue to maintain and develop. WP Basic more.

A few shares about building a blog

If you are also intending to build your own blog/website, here are a few valuable experiences that I have drawn and may be useful to you:

  • Clearly define your strengths and passions. Only when you do what you love, can you achieve the highest work efficiency. Become an expert in your field.
  • Content must be completely self-written, oriented in your own style, not copied, learned from others.
  • Don’t care too much about what other people are doing? Do your job well.
  • Focus on investing in content, optimizing SEO on-page is really good. You can refer to more articles about SEO on my blog.
  • Participate in comments and discussions on other blogs/websites with the same “niche” to earn more backlinks and visitors. However, limit your dependence on backlinks.
  • Absolutely do not spam or use tricks SEO dirty, against the regulations of Google, Bing
  • Do not rush to make money when a new blog/website is established and has too few loyal readers. Focus on content development and interface design to bring the best user experience.

Good luck!

Any questions and suggestions about the process of building a personal blog, please send it to the comment box below to be answered. In the next part, I will share with you how I make money from WP Basic.

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