Horrible obsession of medical students

Under pressure from the first day, some students were too scared to fall in the operating room, and the students on emergency duty who witnessed the bloody accidents collapsed in the middle of the room.

The first life lesson of medical students

Any medical student starts with a packed schedule: theoretical classes in the morning, practice in the afternoon, and on-call duty at night. It can be said that medical students have the earliest contact and experience compared to other schools. 6 years of study in medical school the intensity of learning and experience must be equal to 18 years of students studying at other schools.

The pressure on them started from the first day, some students were so scared that they fell down in the operating room, in the case of emergency students who witnessed bloody accidents… collapsed in the middle of the room. not less.

The medical student himself from that first day had to overcome the fear of seeing a person with a broken skull sticking out, the same student had to use his hand to press the brain into the patient’s skull.

Not all students can overcome the challenge at work, so the fact that they fainted is not surprising… But then, the student himself still had to get up, because they understood that it was not in front of them. is the body of a normal human being but a sick person in need of help.

The first days on duty were tiring, because it was really work and also an opportunity to learn to gain experience. Medical students have to deal with severe and difficult cases from the first day on duty. It is an opportunity, but it is also a huge challenge for them.

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Behind the problems of the patient’s illness, the young doctor had to face many situations that were not mentioned in the teacher’s lecture: the patient was in pain screaming, even cursing at the doctor, many cases of the patient’s illness. The patient’s house was “crazy” and attacked the doctor.

Therefore, in addition to cultivating professional skills, young doctors (medical students) must also have a good mentality to control all situations at the hospital where they work.

The mind of a practicing doctor

One day on duty at the emergency room, witnessing 5 deaths with different life scenes, what everyone can see is the loss of a father, a wife, a husband, a husband, a wife… Tears can’t express the pain when The loss is irreparable.

The doctor is also a person, knowing that the critically ill patient is slowly approaching death without being able to save it… it’s also very painful in my heart. But it is a situation of “force majeure” all efforts do not bring good results. When witnessing these heartbreaking scenes, many students were shocked.

Perhaps, only the medical industry has strict regulations on working time with a 24-hour shift, in contact with hundreds of patients to deal with many different situations of patients.

To work and live by his profession, a doctor must have 3 conditions: good health, passion for the profession and a disciplined life, being responsible for his work.

On average, surgeons have to operate from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day, so no matter how much you love your job, if you are not healthy, you will not be able to work. If there is no passion for the profession, the doctor certainly cannot overcome the great stress when the patient dies on the operating table, leading to depression and quitting the profession…

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To work in a stressful environment full of events, requires a doctor to be responsible for the job. In many cases, the doctor has finished his shift, but the patient he is in charge of has an “incident”, even though they have left the workplace, they still have to return.

During their internship at major hospitals, witnessing the “terrible” working power of the teachers, the students all shook their heads in admiration.

Practitioner Pham Van T shared: “The truth shows me that, in order to become a good doctor who loves the profession like teachers, every day, every hour, we students have to constantly study and hone their skills. I still know that medical ethics is noble, but I don’t know if I can overcome those pressures… is it?”.

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