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Today’s sharing will cover and apply specific steps to guide the strategy of doing Matching information – connecting information in the previous Unit.

Take a look at the old lesson:

Matching information practice – Instructions for doing exercises Matching information - preparing for ielts reading

For the sample reading, please click on the download link: academic reading sample task identifying information

Read through the questions in the sample reading below! I’ve read through the questions (after clearly understanding the directions) and underlined key words

Examples of information matching exercises - ielts reading

SCAN the reading, we address each of the following questions:

Q #14 – We can see that the question mentions the phrase “a comparison of the past and present”. We look for words that refer to time (year, preposition of time, past tense verbs). Here is what we find:

Example 2 exercises to connect information - preparation for ielts reading

I see the phrase “until a hundred years ago”, then read more carefully to confirm that this is the correct passage containing a comparison of means of transport between the past and the present. We see that the passage about the past uses “horse” and the present uses “motor vehicle” and we can “cannot revert to the horse-drawn wagon”.

So the answer to Q14 is the passage C

Q15 – The phrases “driving habits” and “road problems” are the key words in the question. We need to find synonyms for the above phrases in the passage

Example 3 exercises to connect information - preparation for ielts reading

We see some phrases like “problem” (highlighted in yellow) and others like “how they are driven” referring to driving habits. Looking back further down we see some other phrases like “driving aggressively” ; Therefore, we can choose the answer for Question 15 is paragraph F.

  Unit 15 - Task 2

Q16 – the key word in the question is the word “merits. Possible synonyms are “benefits”; “advantages” or “pros”. We see in paragraph E:

Example 4 exercises to connect information - ielts reading

Although at the beginning of the paragraph talking about the disadvantages of cars, that – it’s expensive, we see the word “yet” at the end of the sentence, the meaning is opposite. and the phrase “easily surpass trains or buses as a flexible…” has shown the “positive” nature of cars. Moreover, we see very good words like “convenient” or “flexible” and the answer to Question 16 is Paragraph E.


Q17 – The key word is “prediction” and “future solutions”. We will look for words with similar meanings to the above key words and verbs in the future, especially sentences expressing the writer’s personal opinion:

Example 5 exercises to connect information - ielts reading

Here are the clusters we found:

  • “likely scenario” shows guessing or expecting something to happen.
  • “might be used to ensure that…”show professionalismbability (likelihood) of something happening
  • “these are solutions” – show the solution to the problem

The answer we can choose is paragraph H for question 17.

Q18. The key word we find is “increasing use”. Look for words that show increased “increasing; rising…” We find paragraph A:

Example 6 information matching exercises - preparation for ielts raeding

The paragraph contains not only numbers but also phrases “the number is rising” and “is growing too” represents “increasing use of vehicle use. The answer we can choose is Paragraph A for Question 18.

Q19. Key word question is “impact” and “city development”. We are looking for the text:

Example 8 exercises in the form of information connection - ielts reading test preparation

you can see phrases, “cities are still designed…” , “land is assigned to car use…” and “urban sprawl”, representing the development of the city. Effects” is similar to the word “impact”. So the answer to Question 19 is EASY Paragraph.

  Unit 3 - Writing task 1 - Ways of speaking increase/decrease in IELTS Writing Task 1 - Practice Writing online

Hopefully, after this sample analysis, you have figured out how to do this type of Matching information. Let’s practice some more exercises on IELTS-fighter! And learn a new lesson IELTS warriors!


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