Hesitant rays of sunshine

April is always an exciting time of year, with the first rays of sunshine and the first showers of summer. This April has been a little hesitating. One sunny day, two dark and gloomy days. Rainy and freezing cold. There is a feeling that the cold winter is still lurking somewhere, and the summer is hesitant to come.

The hesitancy of the weather is contagious to humans. I went to Internal Medicine, starting with the Department of Endocrinology. Far away, the Heart room is busy, noisy and chaotic. The Department of Endocrinology is a more peaceful, quiet world. After hesitating for the first few days, he gradually got used to the slow and cautious rhythm. After all, there is nothing wrong with being slow, because most patients need the long-term care of the doctor, rather than the “monumental” interventions during the first half of life. Plan to read books actively during this time, but still haven’t finished a very basic book. Again the hesitation (to familiarity) in implementing the plans. When can it be changed? Summer can be hesitant, but time doesn’t wait.

What’s April to remember? In the (rare) sunny days at the beginning of the month, a group of professors and doctors from the Mayo Clinic medical center paid for themselves to give lectures at Bach Mai hospital. It’s great to have the opportunity to directly interact and learn from leading industry experts; instead of just “listening to the name” through guidelines or articles published in New England, JACC, etc. Such opportunities make us less uncertain, more confident in the chosen path. They may hesitate as they move away from the cold Rochester to acclimatize to the sweltering tropics, but their willingness to help is nothing to falter.

April, so it’s been a year since I went on duty at C3. More proficient tricks, a little more confident handling. But there is still the inexplicable fear of lonely nights. When alone in front of the patient, with a series of “Yes” or “No” options, I feel how little my knowledge is, how limited my experience. But there is no room for hesitation in the medical profession. I have to try my best, in the way that I believe is the best and most correct. Working while learning, hopefully the experiences will make us more stable and strong.

Hesitantly through the month of April, between joys and sorrows, boredom or euphoria. Waiting for May, full of sunshine, with intense rain showers…

BS. Dinh Linh

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