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[Healthline] Why are some margarine healthier than margarine?


  • A 2016 federal ban on trans fats reduced the amount of unhealthy fat in some margarine products.
  • This change has made some margarine products healthier than margarine, the researchers say.
  • However, experts say that both types of avocado can raise cholesterol, so only a moderate amount of avocado should be used in each person’s diet.
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You won’t believe it, but margarine is the healthier choice of the two.

A new study published in the journal Public Health Nutrition recommends certain margarine and whipped butter blends may be healthier than margarine because regulatory agencies The federal government banned partially hydrogenated oils in 2016. The study was not funded by the margarine industry.

Researchers in Minnesota examined 83 other margarines and margarines (salted butter, unsalted whipped butter, unsalted whipped butter) in the United States in 2020.

None of the products contain trans fats. Trans fats increase levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol while lowering HDL (good). Trans fats are also linked to heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

Before the ban, trans fats could be found in many margarine products. Researchers say they found less saturated fat and cholesterol in margarine (or other butter products) than in margarine. This means that the margarine the researchers tested is better for the heart.

The researchers also reported that soft and pressed margarine contained less saturated fat than stick margarine

Margarine is still a processed food

Marion Nestle, a nutritionist, food research and public health expert at New York University, says margarine and similar foods are products created to replace for butter.

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She noted many of these products are ultra-processed foods. Her personal food rule is to never eat any artificial foods because according to her humans have not evolved to eat industrial products.

According to Nestle, “I try to avoid artificial foods as much as possible, so margarine is not on my diet.” Nestle prefers to eat margarine over vegetable but in moderation. “It’s real food, minimally processed, with only cow’s milk ingredients, I prefer sweet butter over salted butter.”

Monitor Cholesterol Levels

Andy De Santis – a nutritionist and weight control expert, said margarine, especially margarine products, contains ingredients that contain a lot of healthy vegetable oils (such as olive oil, avocado oil). increases the concentration of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, reduces LDL levels.

On the other hand, he says, “We know margarine contains a large amount of saturated fat and has an adverse effect on cholesterol levels.” Cholesterol-lowering drugs are one of the most frequently prescribed medications in North America, showing the fact that people consume more saturated fatty acids (found in red meat and other high-fat dairy products), in when unsaturated fats (in nuts, avocados, olives) are less common.”

“This suggests using margarine is better for public health. But personally, as dietary needs increase, it’s best to limit both margarine and animal products.”

In other words, a healthy person on a healthy diet shouldn’t, in De Santis’s point of view, need to worry about using margarine or animals.

Diet is still important

“Whatever you choose, what matters is your diet,” says Lisa Young, PhD, nutritionist and professor of nutrition at New York University. your meal.

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“Usually people think that if they choose to eat healthier food they can eat more, which is counterproductive.”

One thing to keep in mind, Nestle says, is that with fruit and vegetables, you don’t need to worry if you eat too much. Fiber will help you feel full and you will stop eating. You get healthy nutrients and antioxidants.

One way to adjust portion sizes is to choose smaller packages of margarine and margarine-like products.

Young explains that larger avocado pack sizes lead to people overeating because they often focus on eating and rarely pay attention to portion sizes. “It is important to focus on what we eat and how much food we eat,” she said. Both are important for good health.”

For example, if you buy a large bag of food, when you open the bag, divide it into servings at one time.

Young offers more tips for portion control:

Prepare snacks in small bags

– Use a small plate for food

– Drink water while eating

Eat slowly (and don’t eat while watching TV or other electronic devices)

– Plan meals

– Add half of the vegetables to the plate of food.

According to Young, “These strategies can help you become more aware when you’re full and stop eating more.”

Source: Healthline “Why Some Margarine May Now Be Healthier Than Butter”

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