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After a turbulent repeated position of quarterback, Redskins offensive group to develop roads simply cut the Gordian knot attack. Morris – Jones quietly become one of the league’s best Pom, Morris continued with his career in the first three annual state ran out of one thousand yards, and rookie Jones sensitive brisk, abutted comprehensive, efficiency is very red ball high. Although quarterback Cousins ​​defeated Griffin III became the main quarterback, but the first two weeks less than 400 yards passing and 2 steals show that he is still not reliable enough. Tight end Jordan – Reed ball 145 yards to lead the team, proved that as long as he stays healthy, is also the league a few of the ball-type tight end. Due to wide receiver DeShawn Jackson – still out injured Haitians Pierre – hondurensis with 12 catches for 97 yards temporarily featuring top wide task. On the offensive line, in addition to the all-star left tackle Trent – other than Williams, Leach Teng Shi Boge center and right tackle Morgan – Moss played bad, left guard front Laowo opponents last week to complete the sack . This can be described as a big risk.

Last Saixing Hawks is a team that the league is a second slow team. They can use 30 seconds for almost every attack. Because the Hawks have a strong defensive group, cheap jerseys From china their attack can indeed increase the speed.

In the first half, the Haiye only won 10 points, while the second half has received 21 points in the half, they used no merchants and acquisitions, and the number of times after the next half is used. More.

The Hawks signed the old position of Greg Olsen in this year. If Disil, Olsen, which is also a shortage of injuries, can be kept healthy, then the Ball offense of the sea eagle will make the opponent difficult to hold.

Disil knows that the original potential is ended last season due to injuries. Now he wants to prove that he will return to the level of the last season, and ensure that you can stay healthy. “Rehabilitation gave me a lot of confidence, so I never afraid I don’t know if I am ready to put on armor,” he said. “So, more excited. I put on armor again. I am playing. I am working hard. I have celebrated many times when I experienced rehabilitation, you have to celebrate these tiny moments, return training is definitely One of them. But I don’t need to overcome anxiety and fear. It is excited to return to my love. “

Carolina Black Leopard is sitting home to welcome the offensive group to lose two important players, Minnesota Viking. Previously, the Black Panther has won the 14 games at home and has been 42 points in the last 3 games. As soon as they came up, they came into the state. The front two waves were kicked into the free kick and completed the squad of the squad. But this is the only score of their game. After this, the black panther offensive group has no trees. In contrast, although the Viking offensive group is equally flat, only 2 arbitrage shoots and pass the Sam Bradford to the near-end Edge Rudolf. (Kyle Rudolph) completed the Dance, but their defensive groups played a dominant performance, first in the end of the end area, killing Newton helped the team to get 2 points, and 3 copies of the Newton pass, a total of 8 times. In addition, Viking abandoned the attack on the attackman Markus Sherels to complete the 54 yards back to the attack. The final Viking 22-10 defeated the panther. Newton 35 passed twice successfully opened 262 yards, 7 shots got 26 yards and 1 time, and the 8 kills he encountered were the second of career. Viking people’s four-point guards, 28 passes, 18 times, successfully obtained 171 yards, 1 time.

Ganobo and Breddy have worked together for 3 seasons, and they have gone in the 17 games, of which he pays the outside world in the 2016 season to pay attention to his strength. Although the New England Patriots Trainer Group has always focused on the details in the game, Garobo pointed out that Braddy told him the importance of these details.

Russell Wilson said: “The Commercial Conference will have great pressure on defense, which will help us, this will be the tactical rhythm of our future.” That is to say Hawks Put more to complete the unconstraint attack tactics.

Wilson: Haiye will have more no aggressive tactics During the US time on Sunday, Seattle Hawks have completed several successful unconstraids, which will also become the future offensive rhythm of the team.

However, it seems that Brradi still kills the quartet team to win the champion, and Garobo is injured and needs to prove that they can play all the potential. Original Garobo was considered to make breakthroughs last season, but the knee crucified torn tear made his 2018 season to reimburse.

Last season, I originally discrily played a giant star level. He has known that it is a four-dimensional Walhers Wilson’s number one pass target, and completes another important ball. In the top 5 games last season, he got 262 yards 3 times, which completed 4 batches in the game of the Los Angeles ram to advance 81 yards.

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