GOOD Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking + Writing band 8.0 – P1

Surely when you are studying for IELTS, you all know that GOOD IELTS VOCABULARY is one of the important factors for you to conquer a high IELTS score of band 7.0+. However, to get plus points, you definitely need to use the vocabulary so that it is standard and reasonable, not arbitrarily used!

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To help you have more IELTS vocabulary or serve for the Speaking and writing test, IELTS fighter will share an article about the vocabulary you should use for the 2 parts of the test to conquer the IELTS score of 8.0. For each word, you will learn about pronunciation, meaning, synonyms, antonyms, colocations and even real-life examples so you know how to use that word in Speaking and Writing. So there is no reason to forget these articles about vocabulary, right?

#first. Biased (Adjective) /ˈbaɪ.əst/

Meaning: unfairly prefer one person or group over another

Synonyms: bigoted, arbitrary, partial

Antonyms: public, disinterested

Collocations: be extremely/ heavily/strongly biased again/ towards/ in favor of


  • Most of parents are biased when it comes to their children.
  • The company is biased against women when hiring high positions.
  • The new reporting was heavily biased towards the government.

#2. ATTRIBUTE (Verb) /’ə’tribju:t/

Meaning: regard something as being caused by (someone or something)

Synonyms: ascribe


  • mainly/directly attribute something to somebody/ something
  • be commonly/generally/widely/attributed to


For IELTS speaking:

  • She mainly attributes her success to a little of luck and hard work.

For IELTS writing:

  • The drop in numbers of road casualties is generally contributed to the new laws.

#3. Adversity (Noun) /ədˈvɜː(r)səti/

Meaning: A situation in which you have to face a large number of problems that is likely cause by bad luck

Synonyms: affliction, mischance, reverses


  • Face/overcome adversity
  • In the face of adversity


For IELTS Writing:

  • She has overcome an innumerable adversities and setbacks before becoming a famous person.

For IELTS Speaking:

  • Peter shows his courage in the face of him adversity, which makes people to admire.

#4. Ambiguous (adjective) /æm´bigjuəS/

Meaning: Uncertain, vague, can be understand in more than a way

Synonyms: hazy, obscure, nebulous

Antonyms: explicit, unquestionable


  • Highly/somewhat ambiguous
  • An ambiguous concept
  • Be ambiguously worded


For IELTS Speaking:

  • The plot is ambiguous, which contributes to the huge success of the movie.

For IELTS Writing:

  • The government is denounced due to its ambiguous laws.
  • The legislation was ambiguously worded.

5#. Stringent (adjective) /ˈstrɪn(d)ʒ(ə)nt/

Meaning: A law, rule, regulation is very strict that must be obeyed

Synonyms: strict, tight, tough, harsh

Collocation: strict law/control/rule/test


IELTS Writing: Safety standards were less stringent in those days.

IELTS Speaking: I was so happy to move out of my parents’ house and escape their stringent rules.

#6. Condemn (Verb) /kən’dem/

Meaning: to express very strong disapproval of somebody/something, usually for moral reasons


  • To strongly/roughly/publicly/openly condemn for (doing) something
  • Be widely condemned


For IELTS Speaking:

  • Tom has condemned me all day for not telling him the truth.

For IELTS Writing:

  • A large number of people condemn the government for spending money on building more house in stead of investing in preserving the tarnished local environment.

#7. Oblige (Verb) /əˈblɑɪdʒ/

Meaning: To force somebody to do something |To do a service or favor for |To make indebted or grateful

Synonyms: Compel, force, bind


  • To oblige somebody to do something
  • be delighted to, be glad to, be (only too) happy to + oblige
  • duly/kindly oblige


For IELTS Writing:

  • Parents are obliged by law to send their children to school.

For IELTS Speaking:

  • Kate was obliged to read the book.
  • I am obliged to you for your hospitality

#8. VELLEITY /vi´li:iti/

Meaning: a mere wish not strong enough to lead to the slightest action

Synonyms: volition | mere wish

Collocations: velleity towards


  • I always display the utmost velleity towards my homework
  • Achieving Band 9.0 for the IELTS test is only my velleity

#9. Assimilate (Verb) /əSɪsquare meterɪˌleɪt/


become similar toone’s environment

take upmentally | absorb, ingest, take in (knowledge, beliefs, skills)

Collocation: to assimilate into

Synonyms: homogenize, acculturate, acccustom, accommodate


For IELTS Writing:

  • Many new immigrants have not yet assimilated fully into the new community. (=adjust, accommodate)
  • They had been assimilated into the nation’sculture. (=adjust, accommodate)

For IELTS Speaking:

  • Teamwork skills are essential, when a new member try to assimilate into new groups. (=adjust, accommodate)
  • My mind could only assimilate one possibility at a time. (=ingest, absorb)

#ten. Inevitable – Adjective /ɪnev.ɪ.tə.bəl/

Meaning: Certain to happen and impossible to avoid.

Synonyms: Certain, Definite.

Collocations: Appear/be/look/seem/become inevitably.


For IELTS Speaking:

  • It was inevitably that I would take the vacation to enjoy myself after a long stressful week.
  • The company closure is inevitably.”

For IELTS Writing:

  • Unfortunately, violence is the inevitably corollary of such a revolutionary change in society.

#11. Compensate (verb) /ˈkɒm.pən.seɪt/

Meaning: to replace or balance the effect of something bad | pay money for a loss/injury


For IELTS Speaking:

  • My hard work & diligence compensation for my lack of skills.

For IELTS Writing:

  • he government will compensate workers for their loss of earnings during economic recession.

#twelfth. Sedentary: (Adjective) /ˈsɛd(ə)nt(ə)ri/

Meaning: Spending a lot of time on sitting down, and not moving or exercise very much.

Synonyms: inactive, sluggish, idle.

Antonyms: activated, energetic, moving.

Collocations: Sedentary lifestyle/job/life.


Actually, I don’t like this job too much. I’ve sat down and kept my eyes glued to screen whole day, so it’s definitely a sedentary job.

People become more obese than before due to their sedentary lifestyles.

See you in the article about good vocabulary for IELTS speaking + writing band 8.0!

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