Firecrackers burn hands

Recently, City Children’s Hospital received children with LT, 5 years old, male, living in Vinh Filter B, Binh Chanh. Taking the medical history recorded that the child played in front of the neighbor’s house with the older brothers playing firecrackers, the child picked up a firecracker to see if it was suspected that the firecracker caused damage to his right hand. The family discovered and brought the child to the city Children’s Hospital. Here, the doctors noted that the child’s palm was burned with peeling skin in the soft tissue area of ​​the index finger and thumb, the wound was almost black and there was a foreign body of firecracker lying underneath. Doctors removed the wound to remove foreign bodies and bandaged the wound, used pain relievers, antibiotics to treat infections and gave the child a tetanus shot. After more than 1 week of treatment, the child’s wound improved gradually, on granulation tissue and was sutured to restore the palm of the hand.

Through this case, we note that parents do not allow children to play with firecrackers because the production of firecrackers and firecrackers are prohibited, which can also cause accidents and unfortunate injuries to children.

Fragments of firecrackers were removed from the injured child’s right palm and set off firecrackers

Doctor 2 Nguyen Minh Tien
City Children’s Hospital

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