Feelings after 1 week of switching from Iphone 7 Plus to Note 10

Feelings after 1 week of switching from Iphone 7 Plus to Note 10

Is Note 10 battery really bad? If you keep the current way of doing things, Android devices will never catch up with Apple in terms of experience, but Apple is losing in design. Timcook is only good at making money sucking blood, Apple needs a second Steven Jobs.

My biggest problem when using Note 10 is the battery, due to work requirements, I need to chat, take pictures and make a lot of phone calls. In addition, I often play games at rest (although not much, only 1-2 matches of the Union Army). But that is enough to make my phone only 15% battery at 3, or 4 pm.

Tried looking online for this issue, disappointed. In an age where all news channels, even independent reviews, live on the money of big companies, it’s harder to find honest news. If Vin is absolute, Sam won’t lose either.

Luckily, there was news from Tinhte the other day, but reading the first line of the mod was disappointed, the mod’s device must have been able to improve the battery when the mod said to unplug the charging cable 1 hour later it still said 100%, I spent the whole week unplugging the charger After brushing my teeth, it dropped to 98%. For overnight, determine 8-10%, average onscreen is 10% an hour.

To be fair, the Note 10 battery is not too bad, the bad thing here is the Android operating system as well as the fact that Samsung has not optimized well enough for the device. The trade-off of an ultra-thin and light design, with a large screen overflowing with high resolution has made the 3500mAh battery not enough. But that’s better than Note 7.

If anyone doesn’t help me, I’ll help myself, the beauty of Android is that I can intervene and grant permissions to a lot of problems, after optimizing my device, I worked comfortably until 5:30 pm and had about 15% left. Temporarily enough for work, but going out, calculate another option.

I also made a detailed tracking table of timelines and used applications within 2 days and how to optimize. But it’s too long to upload here, but basically: the screen and 3G are the things that consume the most battery.

Just reduce the screen brightness and make the most of wifi (before I went to a cafe, I never asked for a pass, every 3g stopped), making calls and apps running in the background don’t consume much battery, don’t turn it off to reduce the experience. Experience… The screen is manually adjusted a bit dark (Note 10 screen is too bright and beautiful) will prolong the battery a lot.


If you are going to buy a Note 10 and are still confused about the battery, you should buy it, the Note 10’s fast charging is too good. A little plug is 50% of the battery to use carefree, I just need to add a mini fast charger of Samsung to use it comfortably. With fast charging technology, the Note 10 battery is not a big problem.

The second problem I want to talk about is the experience of a newcomer switching from iOS to Android. I find it true that after a while of getting used to me, I feel better, but the current way is that Google develops software, hardware developers can never keep up with Apple in terms of user experience. It is also the pleasure of Android fans when receiving the device to install, test and optimize according to their own needs.

My brother is a software geek (it sounds silly on iOS) but he thinks it’s useful on Android…that’s also his hobby.

For example, on Note 10, I use the default Samsung keyboard. Too bad and unbelievably stupid, often hitting the wrong keys and guessing the wrong words. But after trying a few other keyboards, I ended up using Laban Key. Reach about 90% compared to the keyboard of the old Iphone.

The second most annoying application is Facebook, it is not optimized for the Note 10 screen, so it looks very boring. The fonts are like each area has a style and make me often click by mistake.

Sometimes it also hangs and exits any time, this error is not Samsung’s but is a common problem of all Android-based applications: software companies are not able to optimize on thousands, tens of thousands of users. Different types of machines come from different hardware brands.

The end result is that the software is not optimized and makes the user experience bad compared to the same application on iOS. Where there are several models with several screen resolutions, polished fonts and precisely programmed touch areas, click wherever you want and don’t click wrong.

Samsung’s problem is that they try too hard to launch the product, so there are many errors that arise, like it should be 3 months before a new product is released, then they are forced to sell young rice and their devices since they received a lot of updates. lum (even though it’s just released) and then added 2 updates on August 31 and then again on September 1.

The good point is that users see they are interested in the product, but the bad point is that some people get used to a faulty product. I joined Note 8, 9, 10 and saw a lot of people having miscellaneous errors..

Bottom line: really, this Note 10 has a very good appearance and hardware, the feeling of holding it in the hand is very sexy and a lot of people were surprised and asked to try the device when they saw themselves using it. The video that made the wallpaper move along with the sleek appearance attracted all eyes.

But if Samsung optimizes the software for it, it will be better, that sexy infinity screen but the stupid software is not optimized, causing a huge inhibition is touching the wrong edges. Then a bunch of application software, which will never be optimized in time, will be the thing that ordinary users who have passed iOS do not want to return.

P/s: If you are a gamer, don’t choose an overflow screen, hitting your hands is very tired and uncomfortable.

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