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Today, many students ask me how I graduated from school, which path is the right one? Actually, I don’t dare to answer, because I really don’t have enough time to answer that question right now.

But even so, there are a few things to talk about with you. To be able to help you a little for your future direction…

1. Exam preparation time is quite tiring, want to finish the exam to apply for a job, get rid of the early evening scene on the page in the middle of the Central sun. At this time, the students are bored, happy, worried, and mixed emotions, but I advise them to study hard for the exam. Take the exam and think about the job.

2. Exam is over. Graduating already. Wait equal. At this time, we should find out the hospitals that are recruiting or about to recruit to apply for an interview. Some places accept us to add the following diploma.

3. Have a provisional diploma. Feeling both happy and worried right now. Honestly, if you have a ready-made orientation for a stable place to work, you will be happy, load a temporary diploma, and then go to work. I do not count these individuals. We will talk to those of you who do not have a job and do not know how to orient your career.

4. The feeling of being unemployed is pretty bad. I am the one who has experienced this feeling until now, I understand, although it is better now, I will always remember. However, don’t worry, our school’s unemployment rate within 3 years is almost 0%. It’s just that you work where you like and have the original intention.

5. Choose a hospital to work and experience. Although this path is a bit slower than those of you going to school, it will be a strong springboard for them to leapfrog in terms of practice certificates, experience…

6. For those of you who want to go to school, that’s also a good path, but only for pediatric surgery. And those of you who are planning to study odd stocks, you should find a hospital to make the odd ones you want, then make your dreams come true. If you want to study Dermatology like me, you can choose to prioritize inpatient Dermatology exam, lower than Dermatology Hospital, lower than working at a hospital with Dermatology department, lower than 18 months as a witness. only practice internal medicine, after applying for 12 months of practice in dermatology and then taking the Ck1 dermatology exam, after 2 years have a Ck1 degree and a dermatology degree. Or take the master’s exam, pass the master’s degree in dermatology as a topic for 2 years, then continue practicing for 18 months after practicing dermatology to get a dermatology degree. Same goes for diagnostic imaging….vvv. That odd ck road is a bit long, guys. And that road also takes a lot of money, you have to have a great source of support and a steel mentality to go to school.

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7. After graduation is the breakdown of couples who love each other + no job, you will feel like the sky is falling. Give up and get discouraged. Try your best. Try to keep the love and end it with a wedding. Don’t be like me.

8. Choose Public Hospital Or Private Hospital? I’m sure you know a number of private hospitals that you will be recruiting right after you graduate. Even without fees, let them go to school, pay when they study. Too attractive right? But with that benefit is a contract of 7-12-17 years. You think a little further, 22 years old for 14 15 million students is high, but 35-40 years old is small number for 1 good BS, you can even do more… But if you are bound, you How much can you not exceed that milestone… Should choose a public hospital to fulfill your dream, or a private hospital with little commitment. Independence – freedom – happiness.

9. You must understand the medical profession until the age of 30 to start making money, at the age of 35, to start making money. (Search on expertise and German medicine!) So don’t stop trying and don’t get tied up. Working hard, cultivating medical ethics and expertise, patients will not help you (this is what my teacher, then my brothers and sisters pass it on to me, but now I am wandering everywhere. Don’t be because I am still in school. salary or salary of 3 million, but all friends go to work and then all 10-20 million send it to their parents. Facing this is quite a pressure, children, but do your best!

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10. Learn from colleagues, brothers and sisters, nurses, to get along well with everyone. Don’t think of yourself as a Doctor, that label is not cool. Until we go to work, the medical industry is sensitive, after all, if anything happens, the only people to protect us are those people, not the Ministry of Health or your patients.

12. Friends: Get 1 or 2 close friends to confide in when stressed and sad. (Confirms 95% of us will be stressed) Friends will always know how to make us feel better.

13. And in the future, those of you who have not oriented the major you like, and those who have to do the major they don’t like, must also love the profession. Medicine, the industry chooses me, not me choose the major. If you want to choose a major, go to school (re-read article 6) I also plan to follow the ear, nose and throat for a few years, the books are complete, and then I study Dermatology.

14. Don’t expect anyone to change your life, don’t hope to rely on anyone if you don’t have ABCXYZ, you can only walk on your own two feet and consult the people around you. predecessor brother. They will help you A LOT.

15. It’s over guys ?

What else will I add the next day? It’s been too long to write.

After graduating from school, although it was not long, I also learned more things than in the lecture hall. Thank you so much to my teachers, aunts, brothers, sisters, and friends who have always shared with me and listened to me lament when I was depressed and confused. Later on, they will appreciate this time, motivating them to rise up.

No job, no lover, no direction, stuck… I’ve been through it all. Right now I’m really not successful, but I have to say I’m OK.

Hope you read the article will understand somewhat the post-graduate path of Medicine! If you see it, please share it!

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