Effective IELTS READING strategy

IELTS Reading is the part that tests the candidate’s vocabulary ability. If your vocabulary knowledge is good, the test will be very easy.

Guide to effective IELTS READING tactics - IELTS reading test preparation

Today’s article will give you some test-taking skills to help you overcome these difficult question types.

1- Problems faced by candidates

  • Time management skills. Many candidates do not have enough time to do all the question types;
  • The reading passage is too long and many new words are difficult;
  • Candidates often have problems with the “paragraph headings” form.
  • Candidates often have problems with the “true, false, not given” form;

2- Necessary skills

  • Key word underlining skill. Search for words and phrases that have the same meaning in passages and questions;
  • Always underline the Key word in both the question and the passage. This will make it easier for you to find the answer;
  • Read the first question always. Do not read the entire passage or all the questions;
  • Most of the questions are in the order of the passage;
  • Need good time management in reading; move on to another question if you get a difficult question;
  • Give priority to easy-to-answer questions such as questions with numbers, names and special words;

Here are some advice in the process of preparing for Reading IELTS:

  • Read a lot. There are no shortcuts or special skills. The only way is to invest time and practice hard;
  • In order not to get bored, read topics that interest you and get you excited;
  • Please use English in your study. Try to “search” for information in English on the Internet;
  • Use a notebook to jot down good phrases and try to make your own sentences;
  • In addition to reading topics you like, you also need to do a lot of IELTS reading tests. Use a dictionary, take notes and try to understand the passage (especially the Cambrigde);
  • Another way to use the Cambridge test suite effectively is to look at the answer to each question and analyze why it’s the answer. From there find the “key word”, note down the key word you just found;
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Hopefully some of the above sharing will help you be more confident to start practicing for this Reading skill. Remember to follow the series of articles to share the next lesson strategy for each type of test in IELTS!

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