Doctor, take care of others, it’s time to take care of yourself!

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Vietnamese doctors and unnamed worries for patients!

Any country on this planet needs a doctor like it needs a breath. In a country where death is near, fragile and the limit seems to have never been blurred as in Vietnam, the role of the healer to save lives is even more paramount. They will be given the noble responsibility of holding the lives of many people at once.

But the worry at the time of death is not necessarily enough, patients in our country are also worried by doctors because of fear. The fear of terror because maybe today while in the emergency room, doing medical records, examining a doctor, talking with family members … suddenly a certain thug held a gun and shot at the doctor. , the patient’s parents hold anything to assault the doctor… The constant fear of phobias is even more obvious, but if the latest medical news updates the fact that Dr. Hoang Cong Luong was detained because related to the Hoa Binh medical disaster. After that incident, Dr. Luong’s colleagues were more afraid, afraid that if they were to have some accident one day and be related to some medical accident, they would have to be handcuffed. like co-workers have had it before or not.

The anxiety of doctors working in a Vietnamese hospital environment is more complicated, dangerous and unpredictable than the context in the movie “Bui life in big market”. These are specific concerns such as:

First, the doctor always takes care of the patient’s life, brings the patient from the Death Gate to the Birth Gate, touches the so-called “death and death” of human life. That worry is always present in every meal, sleep and dream.

Secondly, the fear of being assaulted by the patient’s family, being attacked by thugs, afraid that some bad image of oneself will accidentally get into a certain camera lens or be recorded by someone, all will be lost. A lifelong career built. The medical profession is noble, but sometimes it is also disadvantaged and the risks are uncountable. Not to mention, saving the sick but then being exposed, infected and then met with more disadvantageous sacrifices than any other profession. Then the worry of food and money has to take advantage of working outside, in the evening, taking advantage of the day off to go to work outside the profession to make life less difficult and deprived. Worrying about disadvantaged wives and children, worrying about relatives not being taken care of enough because they are too busy with work and professional skills and full of other unnamed worries that cling to the doctor, making them tired again. The more I have to work hard to go all the way to the thorny path of Medicine.

Stop worrying about the patient, take care of yourself!

But among those obsessions, the medical profession received many confidants from medical students, doctors who had reached the age to find a place to stay, the last parents who let their children study medicine but then kept trying. I don’t know when I will be able to settle down and take care of my own happiness, especially medical girls.

The time of medical students has taken up most of their youth, the rest is devoted to their profession and work, much of which is devoted to their patients. So it’s time to think for yourself, for your loved ones for your life. So doctor, take care of your patients a little, it’s time to take care of your own happiness, find yourself a happy place from which to have more fulcrum to overcome difficulties on your child. arduous road accompanies the patient ahead.

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