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What is Google Smart Shopping? Google Smart Shopping is a new type of advertising campaign from Google. Google Smart Shopping is quite similar to Google Shopping, however, this type of ad can be displayed on the whole Google display network, not just the search network anymore.

What is google smart shopping?
Learn about smart shopping Google ads

Google Smart Shopping uses machine learning technology with the main purpose of optimizing Google Shopping ad campaigns. Thereby increasing the reach of customers, and also the ad conversion rate

For Google smart shopping campaigns, all you have to do is define a goal, and set a budget. The rest, including things like: bidding, serving ads to different Google networks. . .Then Google’s machine learning technology will do it automatically

Network Google ads This includes: Search Network, Display Network, Youtube and Gmail Google

In addition, ads can also be displayed in many different forms, and we have product ads, inventory ads, display ads.

With the customer targeting section, you can target new potential customers, or run remarketing for old customers.

smart shopping google ads
Ads will show on various Google ad networks
Google Smart Shopping Google Shopping
Fast & Highly Automated Can control the operation of the whole campaign
Easy installation Manual setup, complicated
Doesn’t take much time Takes a lot of time
Limited target and location Targets can be controlled by device and location
Can use many types of ads Requires knowledge and experience
Show multiple ad networks The ability to choose an ad network
Can’t use negative keywords Allow the use of negative keywords
Bid adjustments are not supported Support bid adjustment
Does not support granular data analysis Supports granular data analysis

In addition, you also need to select the country, select the budget, and add an additional option in the bid target section.

The biggest difference between Google Smart Shopping and Google Shopping is automation. More specifically, Google will use the information provided to decide:

  • • Bid
  • • Location
  • • Time of display

. . . of advertising. And this automation is made possible by Google’s own machine learning technology

For Google Smart Shopping, in addition to the selected campaign objective, Google also aims for another goal, which is the best conversion rate.

With the above 2 goals, Google will try to serve ads to the most potential customers, and this will help customers willing to spend money to order products.

smart shopping
Google smart shopping aims for the highest conversion rate


4.1 Advantages

The two biggest benefits of Google Smart Shopping currently are:

  • • Easy setup
  • • Includes many types of ads

The ads can then easily and quickly be served to Google’s shopping or display Google ad networks.

Actually we also have automated bidding strategy, or machine learning technology. However, both of these strategies are not unique to Google smart shopping, but also standard Google shopping campaign types, Google display, Google search also apply.

Google Smart Shopping is really a great choice for those who don’t have time to set up a complete ad, or don’t have a lot of budget to rely on an ad unit. You can easily create Google Smart Shopping ads without too much hassle.

Refer: Google shopping advertising service

4.2 Cons

If you are someone who wants to control everything, including: advertising efforts, data collection, strategic adjustments based on audience data, search data, or product information. . . Then, choosing Google Smart Shopping may not be the most ideal choice

Because of:

  • • Google smart shopping provides search data
  • • Google smart shopping also has no audience data
  • • In addition, Google Smart Shopping only indirectly provides location data for Google display ads, or performance for individual products.

With such a lack of data, advertisers will not be able to set CPA and ROAS goals based on search intent, customer type, ad type or product type. At the same time, advertisers cannot control where the advertising budget is allocated

As such, you should not deploy a Google Smart Shopping ad campaign if:

  • • You are targeting a new customer file
  • • Bang is remarketing or looking for new users
  • • You want to adjust your advertising goals through real-time data
  • • You want to focus your budget on shopping ads, not remarketing
  • • You need search term data from customers
  • • You want to eliminate the display of ads through specific keywords

In addition, Google smart shopping requires accurate tracking of conversions. When you need to set up correct conversion tracking for your account, it is possible that Google Smart Shopping campaigns will not be compatible with you.

smart shopping google
Depending on the case, you decide whether to invest in running Google Smart Shopping
  • • Set up account conversion tracking
  • • Add the global site tag to your website
  • • Ensure the terms and conditions for Google Shopping campaigns

5.2 Conditions

You need to meet the following conditions within 30 days to set up Google smart shopping ads:

  • • Display network needs 50 conversions
  • • Search network needs 100 conversions
  • • Cost per conversion can’t be too low (View conversions in your Analytics or Google Ads account)

5.3 Campaign Setup

Note: Setup instructions are similar to instruct run Google Shopping ads. Just a little different in the service campaign, guys

  • The first: Create a new Google Ads campaign
  • Second: Choose a campaign objective (Sales, Web Visits, Leads . . . )
  • Tuesday: Select the Shopping campaign type
  • Wednesday: Choose a Smart Shopping sub-campaign type
  • Thursday: Set a budget
  • Friday: Choose a smart bidding strategy
  • • BILLIONSaturday: Other steps include: Add name, load feed, select country
  • Eighth: Save and ready
how to run google smart shopping ads
You can create your own Google Smart Shopping ads

Note: Google is giving priority to Google Smart Shopping over Google Shopping. . At that time, if you are running 2 ads for the same product, Google will choose Google Smart Shopping to display to customers. So it’s best to cancel the regular campaign if you have already run Google Smart Shopping


Google Smart Shopping ad campaign is currently an integrated support tool for advertisers in bringing products to customers through Google.

At that time, if you do not have time, do not have expertise or do not have a comprehensive advertising method on Google, then Google Smart Shopping will be an ideal choice for you.



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