Describe something expensive you want to buy in the future?

Describe something expensive you want to buy in the future?

You should say:

* Where you can get it?
* How much it costs
* What you can use it for?
* Why you want to buy it?

I am not someone with strong financial capabilities. However, one of the expensive things that has been on my wish list is an apartment of my own.
I am an independent person, so I have always wanted to move out of my parents’ house. As soon as I graduate from university, I want to buy a small apartment for myself. I hope it’s possible, but even if it’s not, the most important thing is that I have a long-term goal to pursue. I’m currently looking for a condominium, a little further away from the city center, like in the suburb. Despite the fact that it would take longer for me to drive to my workplace, its price will be more reasonable and affordable for me.
Having a flat of my own means a lot to me for several reasons. Firstly, I can decorate the house according to my own tastes and personality..
Secondly, I can do whatever I want without interfering in my parents’ lives. I can invite my friends over for the weekend and I can throw a party anytime I want.


Never-ending: Used to describe something that seems to never end or have an ending.
👉🏼 She had a never-ending list of complaints about her last company.

To cross an item off your list: To mark it as finished or completed.
👉🏼 Today she was able to cross five things off of her very long to-do list.

To pursue a goal: To go after something that you want to accomplish or achieve.
👉🏼 She spent the last five years pursuing her goal of becoming a doctor.

An independent person: Someone who likes to do things on their own.
👉🏼 Her brother is a very independent person; he moved out of the house when he was only 20 and spent the next five years traveling around the world by himself.

To move out of : To leave the place where you are living now.
👉🏼 He will be moving out of his apartment at the end of the month.

Condominium (n): a form of housing where a person owns the unit and then can either live in it or rent it out to others. It is different from an apartment, which is usually owned by a person or company that owns all the apartments in a building.
👉🏼 The price for condos these days has really gone up.

Means a lot to me: To talk about something being meaningful or important to you.
👉🏼 It means a lot to me that you came to dinner with me on my birthday.

To interfere with: To get in the way of, to be in the middle of something or others.
👉🏼 He doesn’t like it when his father interferes with his work by telling him what to do.

To throw a party: To give or host a party, to be the person who invites others to the party and provides drinks and food.
👉🏼 I am throwing a big party for my 20th birthday this Saturday.

Describe something expensive you want to buy in the future?


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