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Delhi Police Cyber Crime Unit Busts Illegal Call Centre Targeting Foreign Nationals, Fifty Four Arrested

The Delhi Police crime department has arrested fifty four individuals from an illegal call heart in a case involving fraud with overseas nationals. delhi call girls Police busts illegal call centre involved in fraud with international nationals. The Delhi Police cyber crime unit has arrested fifty four folks from an unlawful name center in a case involving fraud with overseas nationals. Based on the data that a enormous illegal name heart was being operated from a place in Moti Nagar that’s focusing on international nationals and illegally inducing them to switch cash through Bitcoins and Gift cards, a team was formed comprising Inspector Parveen, SI Avdesh, SI Pawan and others under the supervision of ACP Aditya Gautam, and a raid was carried out at the mentioned place. All 89 desktops and the Server set-up discovered at the spot have been seized and 54 persons (45 male and 9 female) have been arrested, together with 4 team leaders and ‘closers’ ( individuals liable for making certain that the sufferer finally ends up transferring cash and thus, the decision is ‘closed’) namely Gurmil Singh, Raunak, Jyotika and Yashpal.

Manning the intersection of a busy highway while snapping selfies with vacationer, this is the tallest policeman in India who has turn into an overnight celebrity. Rajesh Kumar, 39, a traffic officer in Gurgaon in Haryana, has develop into the face of a highway security awareness and enforcement campaign within the local space. He is depicted as a gentle large who gives flowers and helmets to bikers and motorists not following the rules of the road. But whereas out on patrol he’s now mobbed by locals and tourists alike, who queue as much as have their image taken with him. Mr Kumar carries out his patrols in size 14 boots and is so huge he has to have his uniform purpose-made by a private tailor. It’s not just the women! But despite his burgeoning profession as a police officer, he now wants to make the move into skilled wrestling, contemplating the WWE star The good Khali as his inspiration.

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