Contrasting conjunctions in the IELTS test

Just like the additional linking words in unit 2, the contrasting conjunctions are a part of helping you get a high score in both task 1 and task 2 of the IELTS Writing test. Let’s conquer contrasting conjunctions to score points in the exam with the following lesson of ielts fighter practice!

Contrast: Contrasting words have two main functions: to show the opposite or to show another side of the problem:

– Show the opposite: However/ nevertheless

Shopping is a waste of time. However, it is a lot of fun.

=> Shopping is very time consuming. However, it was a lot of fun.

Please note here that we tend to use the word but at the beginning of a sentence, but this is absolutely not recommended in Writing. Maybe you use this word at the beginning of sentences to speak, but in writing it should always be placed in the middle of a sentence.

If you find that separating the two sentences is quite short, like the example above, you can combine it with a fairly simple and useful structure as follows: “While S+V, S+V”

While shopping is certainly a waste of time, many people find it enjoyable.

We can see that “time consuming” is (-), and “fun” is (+).

– Show the other side of the problem: Contrarily/ In contrast/ On the other hand

We use this sentence to explore another aspect of the problem we are talking about.

Shopping is a waste of time. On the other hand, studying is a good use of time.

The words above are all words placed at the beginning of a sentence, very easy to use. You just need to write that word + comma to create the relationship of the sentence already. However, there is another way to relate sentences: combine them into one.

Don’t forget to practice with some exercises to learn better!

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