Completing diagrams – Completing diagrams

Completing diagrams – Completing diagrams is a very popular type of test in IELTS Reading. To complete this article well, you need to master the parts in the article shared below.

Today’s post will:

  • Introduction to the exam format;
  • Point out some problems encountered;
  • Gives you some test-taking experience;
  • Tactics for homework;

Format of the exam

There are 3 types of charts that can appear

Technical chart of machinery; the development of a natural phenomenon, a design diagram or a plan. Here is a chart showing the natural progression:

chart showing the natural development process - ielts reading

Here is the technical drawing:

Below are technical drawings - Completing diagrams - ielts reading

Problems faced by candidates

The first is that you focus too much on the chart and try to understand it all. So unfamiliar charts often make you nervous. The test is not intended to test your technical knowledge but to test your reading comprehension skills. All you have to do is try get the gist of the graph, and more importantly relationship of graph and reading.

Another important problem is that candidates cannot determine which passage contains the answer and spend a lot of time reading the whole text.

Tips – Experience in doing homework

  1. Double check how many words you have to fill. The instruction is “one or two words” which means that if you fill in 3 words you will lose points. Note: the word “state-of-the-art” is one word.
  2. Specify the type of word to fill (noun, verb, adjective, adverb) in the blank.
  3. Answers are not in paragraph order;
  4. Do the easy questions first. If you can’t find the answer to a difficult question, keep doing it and then come back
  5. Try to guess the answer before you read the text.

Tactics for homework

  1. Check the number of words allowed to write;
  2. Study the chart and try to understand the main idea. Don’t spend too much time on this step;
  3. Underline keywords;
  4. Determine the type of word to fill in and try to guess the answer;
  5. Scan the text and determine which paragraph the information is in;
  6. Read carefully to find the answer;
  7. Spell check;

Hope this article helps you a lot. Let’s practice with Ietls-fighter with this type of post!

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