Complementary conjunctions

In IELTS Writing, to get a high score in the Coherence and Cohesion criteria, in addition to expressing your ideas coherently, you must ensure that the ideas are connected.

To create this connection, we have a fairly easy tool to apply the linking words, also known as conjunctions. The most used links in Writing articles, especially Task 2 are links additional. Take a look at the additional words and their usage below:

a. Add a new feature:

Additional/Furthermore/Besides are 3 typical conjunctions used to add a new feature to the new noun mentioned in the previous sentence. For example:

Shopping is a waste of time. Furthermore, it costs a lot of money.

Please note, we do NOT use the word and to start a sentence. We may use this word when we speak, but when we write, the word and should only be in the middle of the sentence – writing and at the beginning of the sentence will reduce the academic character of the sentence.

Depending on the purpose of writing, you can combine two ideas into one according to the following structure:

Apart from…, S (also)…


Not only + auxiliary verb + S + V, S (also)…

For example:

Apart from visiting popular attractions, often try to eat as many dishes unique to the region as they can.

b. Explain the feature in the previous sentence:

In fact/Actually. To explain, given an example that illustrates what was stated in the previous sentence, these two “actually…” phrases could be placed at the beginning of the next sentence:

Shopping is a waste of time. In fact, it takes most of our free time.

c. Leads to a result/conclusion:

Therefore. When you want to use the previous sentence as a cause and the next sentence as an effect, you can use the word “therefore” (therefore) at the beginning of the following sentence:

Shopping is a waste of time. Therefore, we should spend less time shopping.

If you want to lead to a result right in the sentence without wanting to move to a new sentence, you can handle it in 1 of 2 ways:

thus + V-ing: Factories release an alarming level of toxic waste into water sources, thus harming the residents living in their vicinity.

so + noun (this is a bit difficult to use because you have to turn the whole phrase into a noun): The students did not get enough time to prepare for the test, therefore the poor results.

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