clauses in sentences – IELTS grammar

In today’s sharing, IELTS Fighter gives you a little knowledge in English grammar that is clauses in sentences. As you can see in the description of the IELTS writing bands, you need to write complex sentences to get a good score for your grammar structures – and write them correctly so that you don’t lose points. “correct” criteria. The parts that make up these sentences are clauses, so the first thing to do is to understand them.

Example: At a score of 4 according to the current transcript, the requirement would be “rarely use subordinate clauses”.

This means that you will have to make good use of subordinate clauses to get a good score, so first you need to know what the clauses of the sentence are.


A clause is a group of words with a subject (S) and a verb (V).

For example:

(s) Computers (v) are important.

= 1 sentence with 1 clause

However we can have 2 clauses, for example 2 groups of words with 1 subject and 1 verb:

Computers are important, but they are dangerous too.

= 1 sentence with 2 clauses

What about 3 clauses in a sentence?

Computers are important, but they can be dangerous too, so we must be careful.

= 1 sentence with 3 clauses

Now let’s expand more 4th clause!

Computers are important, but they can’t be dangerous too, so we must be careful when we use them.

= 1 sentence with 4 clauses

You will notice that a sentence is not the same as a clause.

A sentence is a group of words between two periods and it must have a complete idea and make sense.

Thus, the clauses of a sentence are the things that make up a sentence, and a sentence can have many clauses.

WHAT IF NO subject and verb?

If the sentence doesn’t have a subject or a verb, this could be a phrase (p).

For example:

(p) In many countries around the world, floods are becoming common.

A phrase is a group of words that do not have a subject and a verb (1 phrase clearly cannot be a sentence because a sentence must always have a subject and verb!).

Now you can understand the difference between sentences, clauses and phrases and apply for IELTS writing best. You can do more exercises to practice and solidify your knowledge! In the following article, IELTS Fighter shares with you the sentence structure, so please look forward to it!

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