City Children’s Hospital supports Can Tho Children’s Hospital to save the lives of children with febrile shock and severe multi-organ failure.

Before that, Can Tho Children’s Hospital received patient TNH, male, 13 years old, weighing 42kg, living in Vi Thanh city, Hau Giang province. Children sick for 5 days. N1-4 had a high fever continuously, was admitted to a local hospital for 1 day treatment (N5) the child had less fever but complained of fatigue, vomiting and abdominal pain, so he was transferred to Can Tho Children’s Hospital. Here, the children were diagnosed with dengue hemorrhagic fever, treated with anti-shock fluids according to the protocol, and adjusted for metabolic acidosis. Shock condition has improved, but the child shows impaired consciousness, elevated liver enzymes, kidney damage, should be intubated, help breathing, fight brain edema, correct blood clotting disorders. The condition continued to get worse, the child showed multi-organ failure, sepsis, so the doctors consulted the City Children’s Hospital to send a team of doctors to assist with dialysis and plasma exchange for the patient. as well as consulting other supportive treatment such as plasma transfusion, platelets, vitamin K1, omeprazole, infusion of N-acetyl cysteine ​​to support the liver, use of antibiotics, antifungal. Results after more than 1 month of treatment, the child’s condition improved gradually, the liver and kidney functions recovered, urinary ability, alertness, weaning from the ventilator, and breathing air. Currently, Can Tho Children’s Hospital has performed high techniques such as mechanical ventilation, dialysis, plasma exchange, bladder pressure measurement, etc., in emergency resuscitation of pediatric patients with severe diseases including febrile shock. bleeding, reduced mortality, no referral for severe cases

Transferring dialysis and plasma exchange techniques to nursing doctors at Can Tho Children's Hospital
Transferring dialysis and plasma exchange techniques to nursing doctors at Can Tho Children’s Hospital

Doctor of K2 Nguyen Minh Tien
City Children’s Hospital

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