Check out the Matched content feature in Google AdSense

Check out the Matched content feature in Google AdSense.


In the previous article, I gave you a brief introduction to the new feature in Google AdSense Name Relevant content. And with that said, to be eligible to use the feature Relevant content, your blog/website must first meet the minimum requirements of Google in terms of traffic volume and number of unique pages. You can find out if your blog/website has been approved for use Relevant content or not by checking the “Website Management” in accounts AdSense.

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Does your site have a Matched Content feature?

To check the approval status Relevant content of your blog/website, please follow these specific steps:

1. Login to your account AdSense your.

2. Click on the gear icon (top right corner) and select Setting.

3. In the sidebar (left side) of the page Setting, choose Account => Website Management.

4. In tab Own, check if there is a column Relevant content or not:

  • If you don’t see the column Relevant content it means your blog/website has not been approved.
  • If you see the column Relevant content, check the status of each blog/website in the table. You can set the unit Relevant content on any page on a blog/website marked as “Ready“.


Once your blog/website is approved, you will see an option to create a unit Relevant content in tab My advertisement. Creating and inserting units Relevant content will be detailed in the next article.

Some frequently asked questions

1. What if the blog/website is not listed in the list of sites owned by you?

If you don’t see your blog/website listed in the “Own“, then you will need to claim this blog/website (if you are serving ads on the site) or add this blog/website (if you are not currently serving ads on the site).

After adding your blog/website to the owner list, you will need to wait Google check site validity for feature Relevant content. This process usually takes place within 1 to 2 days. If your site is approved, you will see its status updated to “Ready” in column Relevant content.

2. If your blog/website uses a sub-domain?

For subdomains (,…), the proposed content Google AdSense generated will be for the entire top-level domain. For example, if you set the unit Relevant content on the approved subdomain is, units Relevant content Your proposal will include all dependent domains

3. What if you own multiple blogs/websites?

If you are a publisher with many blogs/websites, maybe only some of your sites are approved for the feature. Relevant content. In this case, you are only allowed to set the unit Relevant content on approved sites. If you order the unit Relevant content on unapproved sites, Google will not be able to provide recommendations for these units.

In the next article, I will show you in detail how to create and insert the right Content into your blog/website WordPress. Hope you keep an eye on it.

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