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At present, the team will continue to observe Stafford’s situation, perhaps wait until the start of the game can finally decide. There is only one substitute quarter-off, Dan Orlovski. Kudeville has clearly stated that it will not sign a old four-point guard.

Mahmus said to reporters: “My toes feel very good. I can already play golf & hellip; & hellip; I tried running, changing, jumping, passing, I have done. I am looking forward to it now. Returning to the training camp, ready, this year again to win the super bowl. “

“The difference is that there is no parade.” Mahms said, “But I think the wonderfulness of NFL is that every year begins. & Hellip; & hellip; must try to hit the final grand event and strive to win. For us, in the past two super bowls regardless of loss, our spirit is the same: Cheap Jerseys From China the beginning, establish success, and strive to enter the super bowl. “

Carol is responsible for the copy: it is the decision I made.

The 49th super bowl last time is wonderful and climax. 26 seconds left, the Hawow faces the two-speed score on the Patriot 1, Rusell Wilson passed the patriot cornery Markham-Butler Cab. Losing the game. The decision to choose a pass is naturally controversial after the game, and the Haiying coach Pitte Carroll said that it is a decision to make a decision to make itself.

Patrick – Mahms: Ready to compete for super bowls

After receiving toe surgery, Patrick Mahomes participated in the seasons training project of the Chief, indirectly indicating that he is expected to recover fully health before the opening of the regular season.

In the game, he completed a 1-yard holding rush to reach, which also became the 15th score of his personal, and created a new personal season record. The previous patriots completed a single season 14 A reachable player is a record of 14 reacted in the Single Same season in 1995 and 1996 in 1995 and 1996. Martin Martin.

Carol said: “I told the players, this is my responsibility, it is the decision I made. We want to control the opportunity to fight against the other party, but it doesn’t have a wish. This feels very bad, We all the way to overcome the difficulties and hit the super bowl. It is so close, but it is a loss. “And Wilson said:” This is rugby, we have done the best to win the chance, and the patriot is better to grasp the opportunity, they have won The championship and we are not, this is the case. “

“They have a lot of excellent players: rushing hands, line guards, corner guards, safety guards, all the positions are all mature. The system is also mature, which will be the biggest challenge we have to face this year.”

Some people despise the reasons for patriots defense, because there are some quarters below the standard level in their schedule. They encountered three opponents in the top 10 attacks in the 2016 regular season: Arizona, Pittsburgh Steberman and Buffalo Bill (twice), these four games were lost 19.5.

The lion quartz Weistadord’s third week

The Detroit Lion 4-dimensional Matthew-Stafford is flat in the first two weeks, a large part of the reason is that the opponent’s frequent impact on him. Local time Monday, the team’s head coach Jim Caldwell revealed that Staffolds can be played on the third week.

“It’s too stupid. It is too stupid.” Green said in an interview with a reporter that “his talent is a life in a lifetime, or even a century is difficult. I think he will still get the contract, the giant is not so crazy.”

Next week, the lion will be against the Dain Buddha Horse, Kudevier admits that they are not sure Stafford’s current situation. Kudeville said: “We need to continue to observe, he is now very painful. He has encountered too many impact in the game.” The male lion will open the game, the team hopes to find the winning method of winning as soon as possible. Last week, in the game of Minnesota, although Stavif was only killed once, he encountered 8 impact. Currently, his chest, ribs, and arms are hurt.

The Samunhan and Falcon offensive group regularly met the opponents of three defensive 10 defensive, and the fields were divided into 25. The Falcon scored more than 30 in the recent six games, and the season was scored 40.

The patriot field is lost 15.6, the league is the lowest. The number of absence of the aversion is 326.4, and the league is low. This is the first award of the unregion of the union since 2003, and 2003 pagodies have won the super bowl.

“I am very surprised that people will think so,” Salunan said, “The patriot has no doubt that has the best defense this season. The data is an agreement, and the video will tell you that the data is not empty. They prevent the ability of the opponent to score Powerful, this is why their lostness is the league. I am sure that this year has only one team takes more than 30 points in the patriots. “

A.j. Green thinks that the deal of Bakerham’s idea is stupid

Start last week, the transaction rumors on the outer sheck, Beckham Jr., began to spread crazy. Most news thinking that the ram is the most likely to Beckham.

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