Basic English grammar ebook for people who have lost their roots

English grammar It is an indispensable thing for you to prepare for the IELTS exam. If you master the grammar, you can practice the best knowledge, but there are many people who are afraid to learn grammar, perhaps because grammar has dry rules that you think you will never remember. OK.

To help you have the clearest overview of English grammar, in this article I will share “Basic English grammar ebook for beginners so that you can strengthen yourself the foundation of English grammar knowledge to help the process of conquering IELTS 8.0, 9.0 successfully!

Beside this book, Basic English Grammar material Written by author Vu Thanh Phuong – Bui Y also shares more knowledge and extensive exercises for you to refer to and learn more.

She shared more Summary of English grammar materials There are exercises for you to practice more.

Basic English Grammar Ebook

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➤ Part 1: Summary of English grammar.

In part 1 you will learn 46 basic topics in English grammar, from the most basic knowledge that you will be very familiar with such as nouns, adjectives… to tenses in English. For those of you who are losing your roots, you may find a lot of knowledge, but you need to work hard to accumulate gradually to turn the knowledge on the books into your knowledge.

Part 2: Confusing words

In English there will be many words that are easily confused, in reading or in meaning; You won’t have to worry because this ebook will provide you with some of the most basic confusing words in English grammar.

Part 3: Table of irregular verbs

At the end of the book is a table of irregular verbs, to help you familiarize yourself with and understand irregular verbs and know how to use them correctly.

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2. Basic English Grammar materials + exercises

About this book, author Vu Thanh Phuong – Bui Y shared English grammar synthesis accompanied by exercises for learners to understand and apply.

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The book is completely written in Vietnamese, more than 500 pages thick, with clear explanations of parts of the grammar.


Part I – 11 chapters- 31 lessons, sharing about classification, formula, usage of words in English. Next to words are some common ways of making sentences and mistakes when using type words. The nouns, verbs, prepositions, articles..all the words you don’t know well are here.

Part II – 5 chapters – 14 introductions English grammar structure Basic gradually advanced with example sentences and basic formulas.

Part III – answers to the exercises above for you to check your answers.

With a logical lesson design and full sharing, details about the grammar items that learners are interested in, illustrative examples and detailed practice exercises will help you learn and remember that knowledge longer. When solving the answer, the author also explains why it is wrong for learners English grammar test Understand how to do it and mistakes to avoid.

This book is mainly used for college and high school students who still lose their roots and do not understand anything about English to begin their journey of discovery. Hard book study grammar New book reprint now. This is an older version but still very useful for you to learn from scratch!

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3. An effective guide to learning English grammar

There is probably no need for much introduction and guidance with this Vietnamese grammar resource. You print the book, copy it out for easy learning. If you can afford to buy a well-printed grammar book, you will learn more effectively.

But in terms of study time, you should note that you should spend 1-2 hours focusing on studying a day, you will remember to synchronize and practice more, remember knowledge better.

Although you study in books, you should have a notebook and record everything you learn and feel important, mistakes you often make when doing exercises, points that are easy to confuse… Because She knows for sure, there will be mistakes as you study and practice. Remember to write down to avoid mistakes and remember more.

Besides, don’t forget to learn more good words in the lesson. To look up vocabulary when learning grammar, you can use the Cambridge dictionary online.

Add 2 good vocabulary ebooks that you can study together to make sentences according to grammar:

Need more resources for beginners, please click now click HERE

Wish you good study and soon build a solid grammar foundation!

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