Anhvanyds wisdom tooth extraction – wisdom tooth extraction


👋 Hello everyone, in this week’s Dentistry column I would like to introduce about

theme Wisdom tooth extraction – a type of tooth that brings “misery” to many people.😄

‍⚕️ Wisdom tooth, or third molars (/ˈMəʊ.lər/ molars), are the last permanent teeth (tooth

forever) to appear in the mouth. These teeth usually erup (grow) between the ages of 17

and 25. Some people never develop wisdom teeth. However, for others, wisdom teeth

erupt normally as same as other molars and cause no problems.

💊 Some issues

Some dentists recommend taking them out as a precaution because they could cause

problems in the future, for example:

• Before the tooth comes in, the sack of tissue around it can grow into a cryst (follicle),

which can lead to bone loss in your jaw (bone resorption).

• If the tooth is on its side under your gum (gums), it can damage nearby

teeth by eroding the root.

• Bacteria and plaque can build up around a tooth that’s only partly out.

💊 Indication for extraction

Wisdom teeth are custom for extraction in some cases such as:

• Prevention of the above issues.

• Extraction required by an orthopedist (orthopedic doctor), orthodontist (orthodontist).

• Early tooth extraction is needed to improve healing (healing) better, especially for

young people with good stamina(endure) and quick recovery. For impacted wisdom

teeth , the suitable time for extraction is when the root is formed

about 1/3 and before 2/3.

📝 There are two common methods to extract wisdom tooth such as Simple

extraction and Surgical Extraction.

extraction /ɪkˈstræk.ʃən/ tooth extraction

administer /ədˈmɪn.ɪ.stər/ (v) drug use

anesthesia /ˌÆn.əsˈθiː.zi.ə/ anesthetic -> local anesthesia : local anesthesia

Gingivectomy: incision gums

cold compress: cold compress

spit / spɪt / (v) spit

dental forceps: dental pliers

elevator: seven dental

👉 Below is an overview of the wisdom tooth extraction process that makes it possible for everyone

visualize and be prepared if you have one (several) wisdom teeth

Have a nice evening!
Khanh Ngoc’s
Medical English – DR.DUY

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