At the end of the week, maybe we should learn a little more “salty”

The bronchial arteries were first observed by Galen (1562), and named the “vasa nutritiva” of the lung by Reisseisen and von Sommering (1808).

“Vasa” is the blood vessel, “nutritiva” is the nutrition. So the name “blood vessel of nutrition” speaks for the function of the bronchial arteries – nourishing the lungs.

Circulatory systems to the lungs have two separate circulatory systems:
  1. Pulmonary circulation: Its main responsibility is to bring deoxygenated blood from the right heart to the alveoli to EXCHANGE AIR.
  2. Bronchial circulation: Brings Rich blood OXYGEN (oxygenated blood) from the aorta (left branch), the intercostal arteries (right branch) to the blood supply.

Compilation: Thanh Minh Khanh

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