Anhvanyds – Medical English – Unit 1

Some frequently asked questions when taking a patient’s history

– When did you first notice the pain?

When was the first time you felt pain?

– Can you remember when it first came on?

Do you/and do you remember your first pain?

– Which part of your chest did you feel the pain?

Where do you feel pain in your chest?

– How long did it last?

How long does the pain last?

– What did you do when it happened?

When pain occurs, what do you do?

– Have you had the pain again?

Have you been in pain until now?

Some ways to communicate with patients for medical examination

– I’ll check your pulse first of all

I will check your circuit first.

– Now your blood pressure

Now it’s your turn to check your blood pressure.

– Now, I’m going to listen to your heart, so I want you to breathe normally

I’m about to listen to your heart now so I want you to breathe gently

– Now, I want you to take deep breathes in and out while checking your lungs. In… out, In..out…

Now I want you to take a deep breath and exhale while I examine my lungs. Breathe in …. expiratory

– Now, I’d like to check a few tests and following that I’ll be able to advise some treatment for you…

Now I want to do a few more tests and then I can give you some treatment…

Do listening exercises

Note: You should listen and complete the exercise yourself, after you have finished filling in the blanks, start listening to the content of the listening again.

Download the exercise file to ask the patient’s history here

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