Anhvanyds – Lectures – SURVIVAL TERMS

Hi everybody! Let’s kick off the week with a reaction video to learn skull terms.

  1. Frontal bone /ˈFrʌn.t̬əl/ / boʊn /: Frontal bone
  2. Parietal bone /praɪ.ə.t̬əl/ / boʊn /: Parietal bone
  3. Temporal bone /ˈTem.pɚ.əl/ / boʊn /: Temporal bone
  4. Occipital bone /ɑːkˈsɪp.ɪ.t̬əl/ / boʊn /: Occipital bone
  5. Ethmoid bone /ˈEθ.mɔɪd/ / boʊn /: Sieve bone
  6. Sphenoid bone /ˈSfiː.nɔɪd/ / boʊn /: Butterfly bone

P / S: There are two temporal bones and two apical bones, so the total number of skulls is 8.

Above are some cranial terms I want to share through this article. Do not forget to follow other extremely interesting lectures at homepage
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