Let’s learn medical English translation through Relaxation – Medical communication textbook from the Ministry of Health. The curriculum is being applied to teach at the Faculty of Medicine – Nguyen Tat Thanh University.

Sue is a school teacher. She is busy all day with a class of 32 children. After school, she often feels tense and tired. She likes to exercise at the gym three times a week. This helps her to escape from the mental pressures of school. It also keeps her in good physical condition.

  • feel tense
  • feel tired
  • escape from something
  • mental pressure
  • physical condition

During the day, if she feels tense she does breathing or stretching exercises. At lunch, she often meditations. She has taken classes in yoga and meditation. She knows she needs eight hours of sleep to feel good the next day. She knows some people need less, but her body needs eight hours.

  • practice
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • stretching exercise

Each day she tries to spend at least a few minutes doing something she really enjoys. One of her favorite hobbies is reading. She finds this very relaxing. On weekends, she cycles with a bicycle club. She enjoys the exercise, fresh air, scenery, and companionship. The group often cycles in the mountains.

Sue realizes she is a much better teacher when she feels relaxed. She has more patience, is less irritated, feels good about herself, and enjoys her job more. Relaxation is fun and good for you.

Questions and Answers

1. How many times a week does Sue exercise at the gym?

2. During the day if Sue feels tense what does she do?

3. How many hours of sleep does Sue need?

4. What is one Sue’s hobbies?

5. What does Sue enjoy doing on the weekends?

6. Why does Sue think she is a better teacher if she feels relaxed?

7. Write a couple of sentences about one of your hobbies.

8. What is something you enjoy doing on the weekend?Write a couple of sentences about it.
9. Is there something you do every day that you find relaxing?

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