celebrated her 49th birthday in style – with a pricey bottle of whiskey and an enormous meringue.

The fashion designer shared a slew of snaps to Instagram on Monday where she marked the big day with her husband David, 47, and their children, minus middle son Romeo, 20, who remained at the family home in London. 

Posh Spice lived up to her name as she spent the lavish night enjoying food and drinks at a fancy restaurant in Miami.

Victoria splashed out on an £800 bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 12 Year Old Special Reserve whiskey for them all to sample.

That was accompanied by a £750 bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2006 for the table.

Lavish: Victoria Beckham celebrated her 49th birthday in style – with a pricey bottle of whiskey and an enormous meringue

Ex-England captain David, 47, posted online: ‘Yep… and she eats cake.’ 

Victoria wrote in her caption: ‘Celebrating meeeeeee!! last night.

‘I love u all so much!! We miss u @romeobeckham! Kisses @davidbeckham @brooklynpeltzbeckham @cruzbeckham #HarperSeven xx.’

While the ex Spice Girl claimed the snaps had been taken ‘last night’, the full clan wore the same outfits as their ‘peace summit’ held over Easter. 

Victoria and Nicola spent the Spring holiday at the £76 million Peltz family manor in Palm Beach, Florida , with the Beckham brood popping over for an Easter egg hunt.

It was said to be a ‘peace summit’ for the families, who have been plagued with rumours of a fall out ever since Nicola tied the knot with Brooklyn Beckham last year.

Despite posing for a family snap on Thursday, Victoria and her eldest son’s wife still appeared to keep a slight distance from one another.

According to body language expert pengertian judi bola parlay James, the family snap fails to show ‘signs of bonding’ between Victoria and Nicola – as the latter appears outcast in the snap.

Brooklyn shared the family picture to his Instagram Stories, penning: ‘Love you guys so much’ as he tagged his family members.

According to body language expert Judi James, the family’s positioning in the picture signals that ‘there are not really defining definitive levels of bonding’.

After analysing the snap, she told MailOnline: ‘If Brooklyn and Nicola are back in the bosom of the family why are they posed apart, flanking David and Victoria rather than together and in between them? You’d expect the parents to be doing the flanking, to signal Brooklyn and Nicola are loved as a couple in the heart of the family unit.’

Luxury: Posh Spice lived up to her name as she spent the lavish night enjoying food and drinks at a fancy restaurant in Miami

Luxury: Victoria splashed out on an £800 bottle of whiskey which was accompanied by a £750 bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2006 for the table

Cute: ‘I love you,’ Victoria wrote alongside a photo of her daughter Harper, 11, her eldest child Brooklyn, 24, and his wife Nicola, 28, inside a swanky restaurant 

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Yum! The heiress and the budding chef beamed while posing with the Wannabe hitmaker’s birthday cake at the table

Noting that the inclusivity focuses on David, Victoria and Brooklyn, rather than the family as a whole, Judi acknowledges that the former footballer has his arms around his son like a protective parent. While Victoria’s head and pelvis is tilted towards the boys too.

‘Victoria has left one straight arm handing between herself and Nicola, which creates the effect of a barrier. Nicola seems to have her right arm placed behind Victoria’s back but there is no reciprocal response from her mother-in-law,’ shared Judi.

Continuing that it’s more of a celebration for Brooklyn than Nicola, she adds: ‘It’s as though Victoria is celebrating having Brooklyn back in the fold and has slightly forgotten Nicole. There is a similar ‘echo’ gesture from Brooklyn though, as he stuffs his left hand in his pocket rather than wrapping it around his dad.

‘Nicola’s wide smile suggests she’s happy to send out signals of family unity and her mirroring rituals imply a desire to look like one of the family. Her left arm is placed around Harper’s shoulders in a gesture that mirror’s David’s embrace of Victoria and her leg positioning matches her mother-in-law’s perfectly.’

The cold war began when Victoria and Nicola clashed over her wedding dress and the Transformers star accused her new mother-in-law of stealing the limelight at her wedding.

The Beckhams refused to pay for Brooklyn’s US green card, a source claims, and, most recently, the one-time Spice Girl snubbed her son and daughter-in-law for her new Paris Fashion Week show, says another family insider.

Shock: In a family shot, Cruz, 18, cheekily grabbed his father’s crotch while cutting a trendy figure in a snazzy animal print shirt and a blue baseball cap

What a pair! Brooklyn showed Cruz some brotherly love at the dinner table

Centre of attention: Victoria wrote in her caption: ‘Celebrating meeeeeee!! last night’

Though the newlywed chef and Transformers actress are happy and fawning over each other, trouble had reportedly been brewing between their two houses for some time.

A source who knows Nicola well said the drama began around her and Brooklyn’s Palm Beach, Florida, wedding – and only escalated.

As a celebrity designer, many in the fashion world assumed Victoria would be designing Nicola’s wedding dress. But instead, the bride appeared on the May cover of Vogue in Valentino couture.

Nicola later gave an interview insisting that ditching Victoria’s offer was not designed to be a slight against her new mother-in-law.

‘I was going to and I really wanted to, and then a few months down the line, she realized that her atelier couldn’t do it, so then I had to pick another dress,’ she told Variety last month.

But one insider said Nicola ‘never’ intended to wear Victoria Beckham at her wedding.

‘She was always just going to let her design something. But she was never going put that on her,’ the source said. ‘She has too many actually talented designer friends.

‘It’s like when you have an in-law, and they say they make the best meatballs, you hate meatballs, but you let them cook it anyway. That’s exactly what happened.

‘She was never, ever going to wear it.’

Summit: Victoria and Nicola spent the Spring holiday at the £76 million Peltz family manor in Palm Beach, Florida , with the Beckham brood popping over for an Easter egg hunt 

Mended relations: The family spent Easter weekend together with a weekend which was dubbed a ‘peace summit’ (L-R: David, Brooklyn, Nicola and Victoria)

Another source with knowledge of the dress controversy was led to believe Nicola really was considering wearing her mother-in-law’s design, but was left in the lurch at the ‘last minute.’

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