8 benefits of Youtube Ads for small businesses 2022

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As a small business, you must constantly think of ways to get your product/service in front of as many people as possible. Youtube channel will help you develop marketing strategies for goods, brands, and attracting customers, which are proposed by many businesses today. Should I run ads for my youtube channel? Let’s find out with Super Speed ​​Ads through the top 8 Benefits of Youtube to understand clearly.

benefits of youtube


Should I run ads for my youtube channel? First, we will clarify the following two issues:

  • • For example, if you invest 200 million, you can buy 1 shot to run 20s TVC ads on HTV7 and collect about 3 million impressions with the right audience accounting for only 10-20%.
  • • But with the same investment for Youtube adsyou can attract at least 500,000 views about 30 seconds, statistics only 400,000 free views when viewers ignore ads and at least 4 million impressions reach nearly 90% of views from potential customers.

Summary: Youtube is a very popular social media platform which is great for personal business purposes. Youtube ads are extremely effective and are invested by many small businesses.

Should I run ads for my youtube channel?


To have a more objective view, you must understand the advantages and disadvantages of Youtube:


  • Types of Youtube Ads Diversity: entertaining, effective learning.
  • • Increase income from useful videos when users visit the website.
  • • Easily promote products/services from videos to viewers.
  • • Fast video loading speed, clear colors help viewers have an interesting experience.
  • • Youtube has become an important part of online communication, on websites.
  • • Easily save videos for later viewing, very convenient.


  • • Youtube cannot control who the audience is watching, so inappropriate videos appear.
  • • As a channel that can make money, many people post trending content, but not meaningful.
  • • It will be very time consuming if you can’t control the youtube campaign.

Disadvantages of Youtube


8 advantages of advertising on Youtube to help develop an effective business:

1. Exploiting Youtube Channel Traffic

  • • Online video is growing exponentially with more than 4 billion videos watched daily. When using Youtube for business, you easily reach your audience by creating videos and ads Youtube Ads from others.
  • • Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine, the 3rd most visited social media marketing engine in the world, after Google and Facebook. There are more than 1 billion people accessing YouTube/month globally. 100 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every 60 seconds.
  • • Video streaming platforms like Youtube are so big that they guarantee to maintain loyal customer groups and find potential customers.

2. Vivid live video content

  • • Youtube helps build sustainable brand products/services. Brands are repositioned content without having to spend a lot of time investing in social channels, expensive tools.
  • • When viewers get more content that solves a problem, they stay longer and want to return to visit often. Video Ads received a lot of interaction and received a lot of positive feedback.
  • • Video combines sound, vivid moving images, attracting and keeping viewers longer. Video helps convey messages and content effectively. Videos you easily reach your favorite audience quickly.

Vivid live video content

3. Marketing on Youtube Ads displayed in Google search engine

Because of Google search demand, videos, images, news, blogs, and several local searches combine in Google search results to provide the most useful information to the people who are searching. You may notice that videos appear more often in the search results – that is, videos that are SEOed at the top.

Businesses can take advantage of writing high-quality articles on the website and creating additional videos on Youtube. This will help build backlinks to the site. By using Youtube as a marketing strategy for your business, you can easily increase the authority of your website.

Top tips when using Youtube Ads to increase website authority:

  • • Ask other website owners to embed your video on the website.
  • • Link domain name with Youtube channel.
  • • Share videos on social networking platforms.
  • • Give your audience a variety of options to use.

• The biggest advantage of Adwords for video is that it only pays for the views made. The biggest advantage of Adwords for videos is that you only need to pay for the views made.

4. Combine targeting with Google Adwords

  • • You can flexibly combine Google Ads with Youtube Ads for videos. You get targeted access to your audience by promoting videos that your audience is most likely to watch and search for.
  • • An interactive view when a person views your ad for at least 30 seconds. Alternately, video ads you are ignored, you will not pay anything. Views are free and earned when someone chooses to watch your video ad.

Marketing on Youtube Ads showing in Google search engine

5. Reach potential customers around the world

One of the biggest benefits of YouTube for business is increasing its worldwide audience. Your business of constantly creating video content will open up many options for new visitors who would never have come to your business any other way. Through your YouTube channel, you can reach a worldwide audience even using a single language. Take advantage of more website advertising bring Youtube Ads campaigns to reach more audiences.

6. Build a Business Email List on Youtube

One advantage of YouTube Ads for business is the ability to build your mailing list while continuing to deliver the most engaging, valuable content. The software allows you to embed the registration form directly into Youtube videos. Videos can be paused for viewers to view enter their email address and subscribe to the list before the user resumes.

Running Youtube ads and creating email lists makes building an email list easier than ever. It also provides engaging video content that viewers love.

Build a Business Email List on Youtube

7. Make money with Google Adsense for videos

Youtube is a very useful tool to help you make money with AdSense for videos effectively. You simply create regular video content that offers the opportunity to monetize videos directly through the Adsense for Google video program.

Over 1 million content creators from 30 countries around the globe are making money simply through YouTube videos. Thousands of channels are generating six figures every year. You can use Google Adwords and Adsense for videos to earn some money back from video campaigns.

Make money with Google Adsense for videos

8. Promote buying behavior, high conversion rate

Personalized video ads increase conversions. Shoppers will trust more and gradually create a good relationship with users. The higher the quality, the more attractive the video, the longer the viewer will retain, the higher the conversion rate will be. The more buyers, the more sustainable the business development, the more affirming the business position compared to competitors.


Youtube advertising is being used by many small businesses because of its great advantages. Youtube advertising both saves cost and time, brings high profit and is highly appreciated. Hopefully, the article brings a lot of useful information to you.



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