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Business, advertising, marketing is not just selling on Facebook. It has many paths, many other directions… Not every sale on Facebook is “delicious” than people… in other channels, people push huge numbers… and the revenue stability is also high. Here are the effective online sales channels you should incorporate when doing business online.

7 online business channels to make money

Many of you will start to find it difficult to understand, why the website is the official sales channel that needs investment, while channels like Facebook, classifieds forums … are just marketing channels? Here is the answer to this question, as well as the direction for those of you who have little capital but want to start an online business.

1. Social media online sales channel

To start an online business, everyone can easily start on Facebook, Zalo, instagram … extremely fast, the way to use is too convenient. Investment costs are low. But now there is a lot of competition, all kinds of products in the world, with little advertising money, they are crushed.

The best direction at the moment is: make a decent brand, sell products to niche markets, “work hard” make up for “money”, diligently think and new thinking directions for products, services and investments quality content.

Facebook channel: This is still considered a free online sales channel used by many people, because they can take advantage of their personal pages, Pages and Facebook Groups to sell.

Instagram channel: Online sales on this channel aimed at women are the best, with all kinds of items such as: Fashion, cosmetics, food… But especially note that the image must be beautiful and luxurious to be able to attract the attention of women.

2. Sales channel E-commerce floor

In addition to selling on Facebook channel and running ads on Facebook…, you can start by finding a certain product and then creating a booth on popular e-commerce platforms in Vietnam such as Lazada, Adayroi, Sendo, Shopee. …

For example, Lazada will help you sell, advertise, deliver to customers… they only take 8% -20% fee depending on product type and category.

So you just need to find the right product, the right profit… and proceed right away.

HOT news: Lazada is open to both “individual business people”, you do not need to have a business registration license, or an individual business household. Just post the item to sell.

However: Lazada will review products carefully, fake goods … so they will not be able to sell VNXK goods, up goods, built goods …

3. Selling online on classifieds channels

If you like to trade strange things, sell second-hand goods, sell 2hand goods for less capital and less competition, you can take advantage of sites like: 5giay, chotot and start a business. However, consider this as an extra marketing channel, you cannot sustain business if you depend solely on these sales channels.

4. Selling on foreign e-commerce floors

If you are tired of competing in the country, you can search for suitable products that are sold on the world’s largest e-commerce sites: like Amazon, Esty, Alibaba…

And there is a group of young people who are very successful with the model:

Amazon FBA, Dropshipping it..

Everyone knows Amazon.

Alibaba is a bit expensive

If you are an artist, a genuine artist… why not design cool designs or images to sell to the world… through sites like Teesrping, Teechip, sunfog

“Playing in a team has a higher profit rate, I know many teams that make hundreds of dollars a month… only 4.5 people”

5. Sell on community review sites

If you just like to “eat” and like to make snacks, you should gather capital to create a small toad shop on the sidewalk, then sites like foody, lozi, diadiemanuong … will help you advertise and earn customers.

6. Website – An online sales channel that must be invested

Online competition is getting higher and higher, and how to make customers remember your brand, how to make customers buy through Facebook to come back to you next time, how to advertise cheap remarketing, and how to advertise on Google effectively… then you definitely need a website to attract customers. Investing in about 3-6 months of effort, you can be assured of a partial business and build a lasting brand more than anyone who only sells online on other unofficial channels.

When it comes to selling online, many of you usually default to Facebook. Not that, selling on Facebook is just the starting point when we still have difficulty in capital in the early stage of starting an online business. But once the revenue from this channel stabilizes a bit, think about things further, reaching more customers on other online channels. People call it the trend of omnichannel selling. And even if it’s multi-channel, remember to focus on your one official channel, which is your website. The remaining channels, consider them as marketing channels, to help you promote your sales.

Why are the above sales channels considered unorthodox? Because it simply does not belong to you, and if you just violate any policy, your account will be locked, your million-like Fanpage will also be blocked immediately… While the website is not, Because the website is yours and you can do whatever you want to optimize users and drive sales.

Think of it as simple as this, your website is like a brick-and-mortar store. You will have to invest in building and decorating the store to attract people to buy and build a brand and trust for consumers. As for the sample booths, or showcases that you rent at supermarkets, or fairs, it will be like our selling on classifieds channels, Facebook, it’s not the official channel.

7. Business with Affiliate form

If you feel that all of the above is not suitable for you, you are a “lover” of technology or an “active” person who likes to communicate… then you can make money with Affiliate, refer others. Buy something and you get a quick, easy discount.

The above are effective online sales channels in 2018 for you, start choosing the right sales channels with current potential and start a business right away. Remember, there is no simple online sales channel, unless you have serious and strategic financial and brain investment.

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