6 Ways to write the best Google Adwords advertising content in 2021

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Adwords advertising content or not? Convincing customers or not? Will have a direct impact on click-through rates, rankings, and ad bids. And also order conversion rate. Thus, when run Google Adwords ads, you need to make the necessary investment for this content. If you are not familiar with this part, you can refer to the following instructions on how to write Google Adwords ad templates.

how to write google ads template
Summary of ways to create the most attractive Google advertising content


Currently, Google has made changes to the content of AdWords ads. And the key points in this change are as follows:

  • • The first: 1 title and 2 lines of description. Replaced with 2 titles and 2 description lines

  • Second: 2 titles each 30 characters, description 80 characters. The total number of characters on the ad is 140 characters. Previously there were only 95 characters

  • Tuesday: Display url replace 1 category level with 2 level of category

2. WHAT CAN Advertisers DO ?

With the above 3 changes to the above advertising content, advertisers can:

  • Write more characters in the ad copy
  • Can write longer titles. With 2 subtitles of 30 characters separated by a dash
  • Better representation of landing page content by display url
  • Ad clicks will increase. Of course, this is good for advertisers, but for SEOs, this is another difficulty

However, this change also brings some negative effects such as:

  • The first: Sometimes getting used to writing short Google Adwords ads, writing long hours, more characters is a negative change.
  • Second: This change brings too much trouble in writing adwords ad headlines
  • Tuesday: Advertisers need to select and find the best ad template to ensure maximum ad quality score


3.1 Focus on customer intent

When choosing advertising keywords, you need to determine what the customer’s search goal is? Based on that, we will write Adwords advertising content in accordance with the customer’s search needs

Eg: Customers search for the keyword “Google advertising services” for example

At that time, we determine that the customer’s information needs are: Service price list, and service-related information such as process, commitment, efficiency, form. . .

At this point, we can write an ad title like: “Google advertising service price list | High efficiency”

As for the description, we can write something like: “Cheap, effective Google advertising service, the most professional support. Simple advertising process, support running ads from A – Z”

create google ad content

3.2 Include numbers in the ad title

Writing Google ads with a number on the ad title actively helps in increasing the click-through rate. As the click-through rate increases, the quality score increases, thereby helping to reduce ad bids

Eg: When customers search for the keyword “Translation machine”

You can now choose the landing page url as the product category url. And the content of the AdWords ad sample you can write as follows:

  • Title: 20 Series of Cheap Translating Machines | 100% Accurate Translation‎
  • Description: Providing The Cheapest Direct Vietnamese Translation Machines Today, Instant Translation Machines
how to write google adwrods
The ad title should contain digits to increase click-through rate

3.3 Include keywords in advertising content

Keywords must be included in both the ad title and description. Here we have 2 titles right? Thus, just 1 title containing keywords is ok, not needing 2 titles to contain keywords will lead to spam.

Users who see keywords in the ad, will somehow understand that if they click on the ad, they are likely to find the information they need. How to write this Google ad template helps increase click-through rate significantly, and ensures high quality of ads


  • Title: 20 Series of Cheap Translating Machines | 100% Accurate Translation‎
  • Description: Providing the Cheapest Direct Translation Machines into Vietnamese Today, Instant Translation Machines
how to write adwords ads
The content of the ad must contain keywords

3.4 List strengths of products and services

To ensure the click-through rate, and the ad conversion rate, you need to pay attention to an important point that is: You need to list the strengths of your products and services.

With this way of writing Google ad content, you should first refer to the competitor’s ad samples to see if they list this information? And if so, what are the most important points?

Eg: Do you sell Translators for example?

  • Title writes: 100% Accurate Translating Machine‎ | Good Price – 12 Months Warranty
  • Description writes: Compact portable translator. 12 Months Warranty, 1 for 1 exchange, Comes with Leather Case Price 700,000 VND. World’s Best Translator – 20 lines of interpreters suitable for travel, study, etc. 40% off Free Ship Nationwide. 100% Genuine
write adwords advertising content

3.5 Tapping into customer psychology

Because the ad content determines a lot to the click-through rate and also the conversion rate. So when writing Google Adwords ads, you also need to hit the customer’s psychology with keywords like “Promotion”, “Deal deals”, “Discounts”. . .

Simply because most customers love discounts and promotions. Whether they are people with money or not, they still like to buy goods at such promotions and discounts

You can add such keywords in the ad title. The way to hit the customer’s psychology is quite good, ensuring that your products and services occupy a position in the minds of customers.

how to write google advertising content
Ads should contain adjectives like this

3.6 Add Call To Action

Call To Action is a call to action. It is necessary to insert CTAs in the ad body because it reminds customers of a specific dynamic customer. Here will be: Contact to buy, Contact to use service

You can completely add CTAs such as: Buy Now, Register Now, Order Now. . .

When writing Google Adwords ad templates, inserting such Call To Actions will not make you lose more than characters, right? So please insert these CTAs into the title or description of the ad

create content google adwords
When writing Google advertising content, you should also add CTAs like this

Video Tutorial Writing Google Adwords Advertising Content


Advertising content has a great impact on the effectiveness of Google Adwords campaigns. So, you need to immediately refer to the ways to write Google Adwords ad content to apply immediately to your ads.



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