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5 steps to help you learn IELTS vocabulary more effectively

How to learn vocabulary effectively? Learn this word today but forget tomorrow? How to remember good vocabulary without forgetting quickly? …Yes, you are also stuck at these points. If so, try the IELTS vocabulary learning method that I share below!

Tips for learning IELTS vocabulary

Before starting, I would like to remind you “Limit VEGETABLE LEARNING VOCABULARY”. Being vegetarian means memorizing a list of words or reading in a dictionary. Learning vegetarian can help you remember a little at first, but will quickly forget. This is one of the least effective ways to study, not helping you gain a lot of vocabulary to enter the best exam.

Because, when learning vocabulary, you only remember that word in a stereotyped fashion, do not understand the meaning or application, do not understand the context, the change of that word in different cases. ..Trying to force the brain to remember like that will not work in the long run, so please limit it.

5 steps to learn IELTS vocabulary effectively

Vocabulary is very important for you to start practicing as well as improving your level every day. Those who want to get higher and higher band score, it is very important to review and memorize a lot of vocabulary for flexible use. But don’t pressure, learn vocabulary with comfort so that it’s easier to memorize. As mentioned above, forcing the “brain” to memorize will not be very effective!

5 steps to learn IELTS vocabulary

Here are 5 steps to learn vocabulary that I have applied and found effective, you can refer to:

B1. Choose a book or TV show or a magazine or song in English that you love. Don’t choose something boring because you won’t be able to “stick to the plan” and it will be easy to give up.

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B2. Buy a notebook. You should buy a little thick notebook, too thin will run out quickly 🙂

B3. Read or watch about your chosen one and find 15 new words. Then try to guess the meaning of those words by looking at the context given. This is an extremely important step because it will help you remember vocabulary for a longer time. Write these 15 words in your notebook.

B4. Look up the words you just searched in the dictionary. In addition to finding Vietnamese meanings, you can also find more collocations, synonyms, antonyms or pronunciations. You can also insert pictures or anything that can help you remember words.

B5. Read these words again every week, every month. And don’t forget to practice using these words often.

If you do these 5 steps 5 days a week, then after a month we have almost 100 new words in the notebook. After 6 months, you will have learned at least 500 new words.

Wondering why you only choose 15 words a day? Because the human brain needs slow reception, if the volume of words is too much, it will not be able to remember them all. According to many scientists, the number of new words about 15 words is the best to memorize. If you learn more, you will not be able to use it all and may even make mistakes. So this is the method of learning new words that in my opinion is the most effective and believe me, many of you have successfully conquered the IELTS test with this method.

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Above, I have guided you in 5 steps so that you can easily memorize more words every day without forgetting quickly. Learn gradually, don’t try to cram, when you take the exam, the vocabulary will fly away and it will no longer make sense. But if you are looking to learn quickly to take the exam, you can combine studying with friends, increasing your vocabulary by using them often.

Reviewing cabinets is a way that many students use to quickly study for exams, choose topics that often appear to use. However, it is difficult to say anything in advance, it may be “off the shelf” but in the end, trying to study your best will give you more vocabulary, to conquer the top IELTS better next time!

Wish you all good study!

From Ms. Nhu Quynh – IELTS Fighter.


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