4 effective ways to paraphrase in IELTS Writing – Practice Writing online

Paraphrasing (rewriting sentences with the same meaning) is one of the indispensable skills if you want to get a high score in IELTS Writing. Here are 4 common ways to rewrite sentences and help you write more impressive sentences in your test. Not only applied in the Writing and Speaking test, you can completely apply this skill in the Listening and Reading test to find the right answer.

1. Use synonyms

One of the ways to rewrite sentences is to use synonyms – ‘synonyms’. Using different words but keeping the same meaning will prove that you have a diverse and rich vocabulary, enough to get band 6.

For example:

– The reasons for increasing levels of pollution are the development of industry and air travel.

➜ The cause of rising levels of pollution are the growth and expansion of industry as well as the number of people traveling by air.

2. Change word order

Changing word order is also a way for us to paraphrasing. When we change the word order in the sentence, it also means that we have changed the sentence structure.

For example:

  • As languages ​​such as Spanish, Chinese and English become more widely used, there is a fear that many minority languages ​​may die out.

If there is more than one clause in a sentence, we change the order of clauses of the sentence:

➜ There is a fear that many minority languages ​​may die out, as languages ​​such as Spanish, Chinese and English become more widely used.

  • Learning to manage money is one of the key aspects to adult life.

If there is a noun and an adjective in the sentence, we can easily use the adjective to write a relative clause.

➜ Learning to manage money is one of the aspects to adult life that is key.

In addition, when changing any element of a sentence, we must also pay attention to change the surrounding words, punctuation, and grammar so that the sentence is spelled correctly.

  • Many people are unhealthy because the fail to eat well and exercise.

➜ Many people fail to eat well and exercise, and for that reason, they are unhealthy.

➜ Failing to eat well and not exercising are the reasons that many people have poor health.

3. Change the form of the word

A word can be given many forms including verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs. Changing the form of words will help us paraphrasing effectively. In addition, we also need to consider other factors in the cover sentence so that the sentence is grammatically and semantically correct.

For example:

  • Longer life spans and improvements in the health of older people suggest that people over the age of sixty-five can continue to live full and active lives.

➜ Longer life spans and improvements in the health of older people are suggestive that people over the age of sixty-five can continue living full and active lives.

4. Change from active to passive thành

Passive sentences are often used in formal and academic writing and so we can make full use of this sentence structure in the IELTS Writing test.

Example 1: The property developers invest $20 million in the development of the shopping centre.

➜ $20 million was invested in the development of shopping centers.

You can refer to how to rewrite:

Example 2:

Original sentence: “Government has to face many problems because there are a huge number of refugees coming to the country.”

➜ Sentence after transformation: “The influx of refugees into the country has generated many problems for the government.”

In this sentence, you reverse the “refugees” and make it the subject that creates “many problems” for “government” instead of “government” facing a lot of “problems” that “refugees” cause.

Example 3:

Original sentence: “People should put early education in top priorities because it is very important.”

➜ Modified sentence: “Early education should be prioritized because of its critical importance.”

Above are 4 popular Paraphase methods in IELTS and are often applied in Writing that you should remember to use for your test.


– When paraphrase, try to add words if possible. For example, in the original sentence with the word “St is important”, you can completely write it as “St is of critical importance”. The word “critical” was added with the effect of adding emphasis and making the word much better.

– Paraphrase is a great way to transform and “enhance” the article, but do not overdo it, but use the word indiscriminately leading to using the wrong word or naturally making your article difficult. understand.

Hope you learn well!

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