3000 most commonly used English words

To prepare for the IELTS exam, having a rich vocabulary is indispensable, especially for both the Speaking and Writing tests. However, to improve vocabulary is not something that can be done in a day or two, but it takes a long process and practice every day.

Therefore, besides the IELTS preparation materials As well as the sharing of effective vocabulary learning methods every day, the IELTS Fighter lecturers are always researching and compiling great materials for you to study every day.

We believe that, just by spending time studying regularly with the materials that the IELTS Fighter center has painstakingly compiled, after a while you can completely have a perfect vocabulary to be able to use. conquer 7.0+ IELTS. Even more.

Besides vocabulary, you need to learn more grammar. And the first lesson is the basic tenses that you can learn in full by following the link: English tenses and formulas, practice exercises okay – very important.

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INTRODUCTION 3000 Common English Vocabulary

With the goal of helping you learn IELTS English better, starting with vocabulary, IELTS Fighter synthesizes 3000 common words with transcription and interpretation for you to learn and apply.

To learn this material well, you can learn the memorized vocabulary and practice pronunciation according to the phonetic transcription attached next to it. This will both help you remember vocabulary and increase your pronunciation.

After learning the vocabulary, if possible, make a sentence with the word you learned. Simple, no need to be lengthy, but through that you will remember the word better.

If you want to look up new words and phrases, you can look them up online with:

► Cambridge Dictionary: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/
► Collins dictionary: https://www.collinsdictionary.com/

These are two quality dictionary sources, you will be provided with new vocabulary, phrases related to sample sentences for reference. This helps you remember words more effectively.

Hopefully with this document, you will be able to have an extremely rich vocabulary that applies to your IELTS exam and English in general!

You can download this word file here: 3000 BEST ENGLISH WORDS

Document preview:

In addition, you can refer to this extremely useful vocabulary resource. This is 3 Good Vocabulary documents compiled by the teaching staff at the IELTS Fighter test preparation center:

25 important grammar topics in IELTS

Ebook IELTS Speaking Vocabulary from AZ

How much vocabulary is enough and how to learn effectively

Please refer to it to be able to study better every day. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us right away!

Come on, let’s conquer 8.0 IELTS today!

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