30 Topics Related Vocabulary for IELTS

Topic related vocabulary is a collection of “good vocabulary” related to 30 topics that frequently appear in IELTS Speaking part 3 and Writing task 2.

In each topic will give you some ideas in the form of sentences using vocabulary related to common words or phrases that make up a complete meaningful sentence.

Words or phrases will be bolded so you can see clearly and know the applications in both speaking and writing.


In Writing and Speaking, we often encounter quite similar topics and can apply vocabulary to raise the same band. Therefore, IELTS Fighter has gathered the vocabulary of 30 common topics of these two sections with the goal of helping you learn vocabulary more deeply and clearly.

The document will give you:

➤ Good vocabulary and phrases to use for Part 3 and Task 2 by topic through a sample passage. In paragraphs, words and phrases will be highlighted for easy recognition

➤ Frequently asked questions by topic for you to practice and apply the vocabulary and phrases that you have learned in your speaking/writing. Each Topic has questions that the examiner will ask that can be asked in the IELTS test. You can practice with each question to carefully prepare yourself with the necessary knowledge when taking the real exam if you encounter a question. If you ask a question, you can confidently answer it in the best way.

➤ Through questions and samples, you are provided with ideas to help you complete your Speaking/Writing test better.


Document review:

Note: “Vocabulary” is a scoring weapon in the IELTS speaking and writing tests, but using arbitrary vocabulary and trying to cram it into the test is not a plus for you. Because you need to know which words you use, but make sure that the context is correct and there is a logical spontaneity in speaking and writing.

Hopefully with the vocabulary, good phrases for 30 common topics below, you will improve your band score more in the near future. However, remember to practice often because it takes a lot of application to remember the words you have learned!

Choose to study topics one by one and memorize the vocabulary fully before moving on to other topics. You prepare paper and pen and other learning tools fully to write down the vocabulary. Should have a nice notebook to take notes, that will help you study better.

Beautiful vocabulary book – learning is easy

Studying for IELTS is important in hard work, so you need to make a study plan, spend a good amount of time each day to practice appropriately, improve your level every day! Good luck with your studies!

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