3 Things Parents Need to Know When Taking Antibiotics for Children

3 Things Parents Need to Know When Taking Antibiotics for Children

Antibiotics do not cure all diseases, incorrect use will cause drug resistance, parents should only use for children under the guidance of doctor.

Studies published at PNAS show that the use of antibiotics worldwide has increased by 65% ​​between 2000 and 2015.

Antibiotic resistance is considered a global crisis. Developed countries like France and Japan have implemented many policies to minimize the use of antibiotics.

Although warned about unreasonable use of antibiotics leading to antibiotic resistance, many parents keep their habit of buying their own medicines at pharmacies without the doctor’s advice. Here’s what parents need to know before using antibiotics for children.

Antibiotics are not effective against viral diseases

Antibiotics are chemical compounds, regardless of origin, that have specific effects on an essential metabolism of the organism. At therapeutic doses, antibiotics can inhibit or destroy pathogenic microorganisms.

Antibiotics do not cure all diseases. It has no effect on viral diseases such as colds, fever, cough, pharyngitis, diarrhea … The use of antibiotics for these diseases also causes unwanted reactions of the body such as allergies vomiting, anaphylactic shock.

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Antibiotics can cause drug resistance

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, antibiotics kill bacteria that do not contain resistant genes, leaving only bacteria with resistant genes. This process creates the drug resistant bacteria.

In Vietnam, the number of drug resistance cases has been increasing in recent years. Experts predict that once bacteria appear resistant to all antibiotics available, treatment will be difficult.

Be careful when using for children

Only doctors can make the appropriate prescriptions based on the child’s weight, condition and medical condition. Parents need to follow the prescription of time and dosage, do not stop suddenly abruptly when the child shows signs of disease reduction, making the disease becomes persistent and difficult to finish.

Parents can protect their children by adding enough nutrients to their meals, allowing children to participate in outdoor sports activities to increase their resistance. With minor illnesses such as cough, cold, fever, parents should use the product from natural extracts instead of antibiotics. At the same time, parents need to clean their eyes and nose regularly with physiological saline.

3 Things Parents Need to Know When Taking Antibiotics for Children

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