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20 reasons to make a doctor so happy


20 reasons to make a doctor so happy

1. Seeing people naked (in some cases, it’s an unpleasant experience)

2. Can park on the curb without penalty

3. Is the best excuse for bad word

4. there is no sound as magical as the beating heart

5. Because after examining the patient, you will realize that you are not as crazy as you think

6. Will meet many interesting people. For example, lawyers, lawyers and lawyers…

7. Many people will live and die demanding to meet you

8. You can prescribe seduxen for the whole family

9. Even if no one gives you a Christmas present, the pharmacist will always remember…

10. The market is always booming. Even if doctors run out of resources to treat, we can still count on medical problems related to traffic (traffic medicine).

11. Easily avoid useless relationships, just say “on duty”

12. No need to worry about buying a second house, because while the first one we rarely live in.

13. You will still retain the Italian accent.

14. Because the human body is the same everywhere, maybe a little thinner.

15. You are the first to know if the baby is a boy or a girl

16. Parents will stop complaining about wanting a doctor in the house.

17. No need to waste time updating knowledge because the patient is near death will help you.

18. Wearing a stethoscope around your neck increases your handsomeness

19. How many “toys” with great features

20. B. Franklin: “God heals, doctors just collect money”

  [Medscape] Diabetes care often fails in rural areas, minority patients

And finally, “Doctor” also means “Teacher”, you can take up the teaching profession at any time, and this is very nice, free portraits, speeches on the opening day of the school year. , and published the book “Physical Diagnosis Secret 2nd”

Source: Physical diagnosis secrets 2nd

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